Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to have complete confidence in Goldstar, and we'll gladly address any questions or concerns you have. Here are a few questions we've heard from new suppliers so far. If you have others, don't hesitate to contact us.

Will I be undercutting full-price sales?

No. You'll be adding sales where and when you need them. Wise use of Goldstar allows you to maximize full-price sales and steer Goldstar buyers into the inventory you might not otherwise sell. Remember, 84% of Goldstar buyers use the site to learn what to do, so we're all about helping new customers find you.

Will the market think we're (shhh) discounting?

Goldstar isn't about discounting. It's about getting exposure to a new audience. Your presence on Goldstar tells a group of new audience members that your event is happening and that it's available at an affordable price. Goldstar lets you capitalize on a large, avid, price-sensitive audience while preserving your public, full-price brand integrity.

Is Goldstar there to liquidate last-minute inventory?

That's only one use for Goldstar. While we can be an effective way to move seats at the last minute, our most productive partners make Goldstar an integral part of their overall marketing plan. Goldstar is a long-term investment in new audiences – more like earning interest than liquidating short-term assets.

Will I be tying up inventory?

No. You have complete control over your inventory. There is a minimum ticket quantity required to list an event, but beyond that you can add or subtract with a few keystrokes based on your overall daily sales patterns.

Will I be losing money on tickets I sell through Goldstar?

You actually lose money by letting seats go unsold, which is exactly what you will avoid doing by listing on Goldstar. Goldstar is designed to help you earn money on those seats you might not otherwise sell. And sales on Goldstar frequently lead to increased full-price sales directly through our tickets suppliers when our members post their reviews and spread the word about your event.

Will I have to pay for ad space?

There’s no upfront cost to work with Goldstar. When you sell tickets through us, your event promotion is free and you have complete control over what you sell. A 5% commission will be taken out of each ticket sold, which means the rest of the revenue (95%) is yours to keep.

Are you some sort of broker or secondary market reseller?

Absolutely not. Goldstar is a partner and a sales channel. We don't buy and resell your tickets; we help you sell your events to our members, who are a vital target market. Goldstar is made up of arts, entertainment and Internet professionals who want to expand the overall market for live entertainment.

Will our loyal patrons be unhappy about the prices being offered to Goldstar members?

Your loyal patrons care about more than just price. They care about their relationship with your organization and the benefits that relationship brings, like prime seat location, subscriber perks and more. By listing attractive offers on Goldstar, you're making it easy for Goldstar members to try something they may never have tried before, thereby exposing your event to an expanded audience. Oftentimes, Goldstar members end up becoming loyal patrons of the organizations that list with us.

Are some of my customers on your member list?

With over a million members, there's bound to be some overlap between your buyers and Goldstar membership. But what's most important is the large number of Goldstar members who are not on your list—yet.

Will user reviews affect my sales?

Absolutely. Goldstar's user reviews are a huge asset to suppliers because word-of-mouth spreads quickly throughout the Goldstar community and beyond. Good reviews on Goldstar have been known to boost full-price sales and even help events sell out. And the occasional negative review doesn't tend to hurt sales. In fact, it can have the reverse effect. Goldstar members are savvy and they view the occasional critical review as proof that the reviews are authentic and the event is worth talking about.

Why would we sell on Goldstar? We're going to sell out on our own!

That's wonderful and we hope you do! Keep in mind that selling through Goldstar is not only a way to fill spaces you might not otherwise sell, but also a way to get exposure to a new audience, so you may want to sell a portion of your tickets on Goldstar anyway. But if not, we look forward to catching up with you on your next event!

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