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Thursday January 17, 2013 / 8:00pm
1 ticket
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3920 Schiff Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89103

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Awful Awful Chris Hermening and especially Michael Drake are not in on the joke. They actually think the nonsense plot and vapid dialog might be credible. Since they are not in on it you do not have a chance. An empty headed sitcom quality script cannot survive 2 hours of being played like it is anything else. The magic word is INSINCERITY. Don't ever take anything you say sincerely. Jack Lemon and Tony Randall would perhaps pull this off. You could see Dick Van Dyke and Morey Amsterdam or other TV actors of that era being funny with this material. They would know it is all just baloney and you play it like you are playing a game. It is theater of the absurd applied to low brow material. But no, we get Drake being constantly taken aback and behind the curve. A weak clown, even his pratfalls are not convincing. It is odd that the men, for which this material is the most out of date, treat it with the most clumsiness. To avoid failure this piece of fluff from the Madmen era that only should be revived to be played against itself. There is nothing credible in the plot, the dialog is rote, the ethnic and sex stereotypes are stone age. Even at the time the actors knew it and it now screams to be mocked as intentional nonsense. Barbara King gets it and plays the sassy maid with sitcom style. The stewardesses all handle the sex kitten idiot parts well with Penni Paskett handling the German cliche post war drivel with very nice effect. Las Vegas is the capital of vulgar entertainment of course. Plenty of that around. We search out places like LVLT to find real cultural alternatives. They should not waste their precious schedule on Rat Pack quality humor from another time.It is not their strong suit and besides...that is space well filled elsewhere.

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Chinatown area. Nice place for dinner before or after.
Small theater, no bad seats.