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Crazy Girls

Crazy girls 920 new
Wednesday April 30, 2014 / 9:30pm
Crazy Girls
2 tickets
Complimentary Blue Section
2901 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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The show itself was pretty good. It was an old Vegas style adult show with talented dancing girls and music. I like this type of show and these types of shows are getting harder to find in Las Vegas these days so my wife and I were looking forward to it. It was about what is expected for this type of show. I would recommend the "cheap seats" which are back a little further vs VIP tickets right next the stage. Your view is just fine from the "cheap seats" as it is a small theater. If you sit up close you may get chosen to go on stage or be part of the Comedian's jokes. I personally dislike audience participation at all shows. I just like to "watch the show" and relax. If you like to participate in shows or be part of jokes, sit up front in the VIP ticket area. The theather was perhaps 1/4 full it seems yet they seat everyone so close together and pack them in like sardines. It would be better to have a bit of space between people you do not know when the whole theater is wide open. I left a single empty seat and was worried the employees might try to make us scrunch together closer. When we arrived we didn't know there was a "VIP" line and "Cheap seats" line. We accidently went into the wrong line but we were at the very end of that line. The guy taking tickets scolded us and made us go back to the end of the other line. I wouldn't have cared if the lines would have been marked. I saw no such markings so had no idea I was in the wrong line. I am not a mind reader. We just chose the shorter line as it makes the most sense just like when choosing a checkout line at a store..... Not sure why it was such a big deal to the employees because it doesn't matter which "line" you are in. Your "ticket" will determine where you sit. Apparently it is a real big no-no to them. Summary: Overall the show was good but be sure you get in the correct ticket line before the show or else be prepared to be scolded and then be prepared to sit real close to people (I recommend trying to leave an empty seat if you can). The show will NOT be full. I hope the employees who do the seating can learn a little better customer service going forward as it would make the show experience overall much more enjoyable.

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I recommend picking up your tickets a little early at the box office 1/2 hour before the show at the latest. When we arrived the girl didn't know how to find me in the system eventhough I had my ticket confirmation printed out with my confirmation number etc. She had to ask 3 other employees and several minutes later came back and was able to finally find me in the system and print out our tickets. Luckily there was nobody else in line when we went to pick up our tickets or else I feel we might have been late for the show if they had this many problems with everyone's tickets.