Goldstar Rewards

Earn Points. Unlock Rewards. Repeat.
Going to live events is fun. Buying tickets should be fun, too! With Goldstar Rewards, now you'll automatically earn points for every ticket you buy. The best part? The more you go out, the more rewards you'll unlock.
On Your Mark. Get Set. Points!

Getting started is easy — just buy tickets to start earning points today. Want to unlock your next reward? We can help you find a fun event near you.

Here's How It Works:
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join Goldstar Rewards?
It's totally free!
How do I earn and redeem points?
You earn points with every ticket you buy. For every dollar you spend on Goldstar, you'll earn one point. Every time you hit 400 points, you'll receive $5 off a future ticket purchase. And we've given you 300 points to start, so you'll earn your first rewards soon.
Can I choose when and how to apply my Goldstar Rewards credits?
Absolutely! You can use your $5 reward as soon as you hit 400 points, or keep earning rewards and use them all at once to save even more on your purchase.
Will I earn points for purchases made on both and the app?
Yep, you'll earn points for any purchases you make on our site or app.
What happens to my points if I Easy Cancel the purchase?
If you Easy Cancel a purchase, you'll be given Goldstar credit toward a future purchase, and any points you earned from the original purchase will be reflected in your account.
Will I keep my points if an event is cancelled?
If an event is cancelled by Goldstar or its event organizers, you will be refunded the amount of purchase, including fees, and the points you earned on the purchase will be removed from your account.
Do I earn points when I buy or use a gift certificate?
No, you won't earn points for buying or using a Goldstar gift certificate.
Do I earn points when I use Goldstar credit?
You won't earn points when you use Goldstar credit.
Is purchasing tickets the only way to earn points?
Right now, buying tickets is the only way to earn points, but stay tuned — we'll be adding more fun ways to earn points soon!
Is there a way to buy points if I'm close to earning a reward?
Goldstar Rewards points can't be purchased.
Can I share my points with another member?
Your points and rewards are nontransferable.
Do my Goldstar Rewards points ever expire?
Your points expire two years from the date you earned them.
Who can I contact if I have more questions about Goldstar Rewards?
We're always happy to answer any questions you may have — just drop us a line at