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56 Adam Ferrara Reviews

45 events
29 reviews
28 stars
attended Comedian Adam Ferrara on Jan 03 2016

Adam is HANDS DOWN one of the funniest COMEDIANS we have eveer seen. We see a lot. We always go back. Our stomach hurts when we laugh so hard. We are afraid to take a sip of anything while he is on, because we may choke or have to spit it out on...continued

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Bob Young
69 events
23 reviews
12 stars
attended Comedian Adam Ferrara on Aug 15 2014

Wonderful evening! Adam Ferrara is a great story-teller and a quick humored mind, with a smile that could make you buy swampland or a bridge in Brooklyn! Great night at the Improv!

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Mike Bower
44 events
22 reviews
3 stars
attended Comedian/Actor Adam Ferrara on Nov 03 2011

Absolutely outstanding - may attend again this weekend

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Goldstar Member
52 events
20 reviews
4 stars
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