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172 events
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25 stars
attended Baroque in Pieces on Oct 14 2012

very lively, enjoyable concert in beautiful venue.

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Denise M.
Denise M. Red Velvet
164 events
95 reviews
70 stars
attended Voices of Music: Virtuoso Baroque Concertos on Mar 31 2019

What a memorable, near perfect evening of early music by the very best performers in our area. The only aspect of this concert I regret is the venue: it is a gorgeous church, but seating was wooden pews without cushions, and sight lines were...continued

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Goldstar Member
252 events
83 reviews
437 stars
attended Chatham Baroque Ensemble on Nov 20 2004

Very interesting program of Spanish baroque music with authentic instruments.

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95 events
69 reviews
10 stars
attended Holiday Brass and Choral Concert on Dec 14 2018

Very enjoyable, particularly the second half, which was more varied than the first.

But the pews at St. Michael's were very uncomfortable, and the sight lines pretty bad from the back half of the church where our seats were.

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95 events
69 reviews
10 stars
attended Music of the Baroque: The Family Bach on Nov 22 2016

I love the music of Bach, so from my perspective, any Bach is good Bach. But I had great expectations for this performance, and they weren't met. The performance was workmanlike, but not inspiring. I think the audience agreed with me, because it...continued

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Doris Mazell
229 events
51 reviews
194 stars
attended Atlanta Baroque Orchestra: Gloria! The Music of Antonio Vivaldi on Mar 15 2019

Beautiful cathedral and the singing and music was spellbinding.

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Les Tift
87 events
49 reviews
9 stars
attended The Shepherd King (Il Re Pastore) on Sep 27 2007


I have not attended a PBO event before and I will from now on. It really was a wonderful show. It is not Mozart's best or most mature piece, but it's a glimpse at the genius in the youth. It was great fun to hear it done on the...continued

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115 events
41 reviews
11 stars
Arts Lover
76 events
39 reviews
51 stars
attended Chicago a cappella: Baroque and Beatles on Oct 11 2009

Very enjoyable. Singing was beautiful and first-rate. Wonderfully creative treatment. Liked the church venue. Very entertaining to have stayed for Terri Hemmert. Thank you.

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harry dixon
109 events
39 reviews
28 stars
attended Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra and Chorale:Coronation and Victory on Apr 05 2008

Wonderful! Transparent music with descriptive lyrics. Sublime.

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Gerald Deighton
103 events
34 reviews
20 stars
Arnie B
Arnie B Red Velvet
103 events
29 reviews
28 stars
attended Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra: The Emperor on Feb 07 2008

Excellent performance and extremely good value for the price of the tickets.

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Phyllis Silverberg
56 events
27 reviews
10 stars
attended Marin Baroque’s And All in Friendly Consort Meet on Nov 21 2015

What beautiful music! The orchestra and choir were superb, and the triumphant Handel compositions were very uplifting! It was nice to have a reception following the concert. A lovely evening!

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geoffch Red Velvet
65 events
26 reviews
22 stars
attended Apollo’s Fire: Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos on Nov 09 2013

an outstanding, electrifying, performance of the Brandenburgs.

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Ralph Lewis
49 events
24 reviews
68 stars
attended Venetian Carnival on Dec 31 2013

I really enjoy period instruments and thoroughly enjoyed this.

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KatharineS Red Velvet
75 events
19 reviews
14 stars
Karen Morris
49 events
18 reviews
85 stars
attended Handel’s Opera Amadigi di Gaula on Oct 17 2009

We enjoyed ourselves and had a very nice time. The Boston Baroque and Maestro Pearlman lived up to their reputation (my first time seeing them live after hearing many recordings) and the singers were all quite good. Personally, I don't usually...continued

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Laura Singer
90 events
12 reviews
17 stars
attended Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra: A Classic Triple on Nov 14 2008

PBO concerts are always a treat. Hearing familiar pieces played on period instruments gives me a new appreciation for the music.

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Luanne Coachman
41 events
6 reviews
10 stars
attended Seattle Symphony: Conductor Andrew Manze Leads Baroque Themes & Variations on May 08 2010

Andrew Manze is funny and smart about music as only Brits can be. Totally enjoyed his stories about the composers and compositions. The music was good, not great, (though it was played well by the Symphony), but with the addition of the...continued

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Peter Black
34 events
5 reviews
10 stars
attended Boston Baroque: Handel’s Messiah on Dec 09 2017

A superb performance with period instruments. Jordan Hall is the perfect venue- intimate and vibrant- and Martin Pearlman’s playing/conducting rocked. Soloists, especially Ava Pine, were spectacular. The trumpet/bass aria was the best ever. The...continued

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