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Ben Rosenblum

Award-winning jazz pianist, composer and accordionist Ben Rosenblum has been described as “mature beyond his years,” (Jon Neudorf, “Sea of Tranquility”), and as an “impressive talent” (C. Michael Bailey, “All About Jazz”), who “caresses [the music] with the reverence it merits” (Bob Doerschuk, “Downbeat Magazine”). Ben is based in New York City, and is a graduate of the Columbia-Juilliard program. His original music combines his extensive knowledge of the history of jazz with a free-wheeling, modern melodic sensibility and powerful narrative approach to the piano. His profound passion for jazz, swing and world music genres finds expression in his unique fusion of harmonic and rhythmic elements from a wide array of sources, and gives rise to a signature compositional sound and style at once iconoclastic and deeply rooted in such figures as Bill Evans and Wynton Kelly. Ben’s first priority in his composition and in his playing is always narrative — to tell a compelling story with his music, while reaching the hearts of his audience, connecting on an emotional, an intellectual and a spiritual level. Reviewers of his debut album “Instead” with bassist Curtis Lundy and drummer Billy Hart, have been impressed by his musicality and his tasteful playing in light of his immense technical skill. Bob Doerschuk of “Downbeat Magazine” gave the album four stars, and wrote, “He has the chops to shoot off a few fireworks, but that doesn’t seem to be a priority when covering sacred material.”


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