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A PBS favorite and an Emmy winner for his specials Nights of Fire and Strings of Passion, guitar virtuoso Benise (pronounced Buh-nes-say) brings all the passion and artistry of nuevo flamenco to stages around the world, from elaborately choreographed dance numbers to live music from a full band. Famed for blending classic rock from Zeppelin, The Stones and The Eagles with the signature sounds of Spanish flamenco guitar, Benise has created a true entertainment spectacular that’s been dubbed “The Latin Riverdance,” as it takes you on a world-music journey from Cuban salsa, Brazilian samba, Argentine tango, Indian Bollywood and Parisian waltz to African drumming and beyond.


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137 Benise Reviews

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attended Benise: Fuego! Spirit of Spain on Nov 08 2019

Great show, however, there were tons of empty seats in front of ours; would've appreciated it if the they had placed us closer.

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Al Keep
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28 stars
attended Benise: Fuego! Spirit of Spain on Nov 08 2019

Great performance by great performers

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Susan M.
145 events
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20 stars
attended Benise: Fuego! Spirit Of Spain on Sep 22 2018

It was entertaining. However I think the show didn't fully utilize the talents of the artists. With 5 to 6 skilled musicians, I don't understand why they still needed recorded music. I also think that the choreography showed dancing that wasn't a...continued

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24 events
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5 stars
attended Benise: Fuego! Spirit of Spain on Nov 08 2019

A thoroughly enjoyable evening!
Much more of a ‘show’ with the dancers than I expected but Benise’s relaxed stage presence & interaction with the audience slowed the frenetic pace.

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