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38 Bobby Rush Reviews

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37 reviews
111 stars
attended Bobby Rush on Mar 26 2018

one continuous long song. Song segue into next song the whole concert

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Lylo N.
64 events
33 reviews
0 stars
attended Bobby Rush on Oct 10 2016

Bobby is one of the last blues legends out there. He has more energy at 82 than I do at 44. His voice sounds great, he looks great. I never saw him in concert before but I truly appreciate him more. A must see if you are a fan of a Bobby's.

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Brenda C.
50 events
32 reviews
64 stars
attended A Toast to the Blues on Apr 01 2012

The music is the only reason to attend this event. Ms. Jody, who I have never heard of, was so entertaining. She is a joy to watch. Bobby Rush is a legend in his own time and worth seeing again and again. Ms. Shirley Brown was lovely with an...continued

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Steven Fenichel
119 events
29 reviews
37 stars
attended Blues Legend Bobby Rush on Aug 21 2019

Mr. Rush was absolutely amazing.
Telling fascinating stories, creating great music all by himself. He was literally a one man show and had the audience in the palm of his hand!

The most youthful 85 year old person ever!

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