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40 Bow Wow Reviews

Albert Rowuin
697 events
561 reviews
801 stars
attended Totally ’80s: The Motels on Mar 23 2019

The Untouchables were fantastic and get the 5 stars rating just for their set, but when considering the other bands I had to knock it down to 4 stars. The Untouchables really picked up the crowd that had mostly fallen asleep during the opening...continued

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Ziva Gottesman
Ziva Gottesman
99 events
69 reviews
143 stars
attended The Motels, Bow Wow Wow, When In Rome II: Totally ’80s Tour on May 28 2016

Our tickets said show at 8, so we got there at around 7:45 only to find out that we missed at least one of the 4 bands that were playing that night. We knew that there were more than 2 playing, but no idea that they'd start early or earlier than...continued

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attended Missing Persons, Anabella’s Bow Wow Wow, Gene Loves Jezebel, Trans X on Jan 11 2019

Great venue nice people both attending and staff , I told them my tickets were From GOLDSTAR, not only okay, but they upstaged us to a table with no extra change!!!??

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Bob Groom
Bob Groom
22 events
12 reviews
12 stars
attended The Motels with Bow Wow Wow on May 03 2019

Martha Davis is a queen of rock n roll.. amazing voice.. good stories.. no mindless jabber just cool .. Motels sounded GREAT !

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