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H. Gold
H. Gold Red Velvet
697 events
217 reviews
922 stars
attended Chicago on Sep 03 2017

Nice musical. Sound was not optimal, though, since several singers were hard to understand in the mezzanine.

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124 events
84 reviews
368 stars
attended A Christmas Carol on Nov 07 2019

The moment you enter The Lyceum Theatre for A Christmas Carol you are surrounded by the Christmas Spirit. There are lights extending from the stage upwards to the balcony and there is a Victorian London brass band playing Christmas tunes before...continued

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Rachael Andrews
226 events
52 reviews
20 stars
attended Beetlejuice on Apr 10 2019

I thought this show was amazing. It was so funny, the cast was wonderfully talented, the music was fun. If you enjoyed the movie, you're in for a treat!

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Stanley Conrad
82 events
42 reviews
8 stars
attended Burn This on Jun 23 2019

Mid- to rear dress circle seats were located as described. Sight lines were wonderful. It'd be near impossible for the person in front of you to obscure your view. Though not quite the quality of the original with then little-known John...continued

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Carmen Red Velvet
53 events
31 reviews
24 stars
attended Beautiful – The Carole King Musical on Feb 21 2018

I loved this play. The music was brilliant but songs s Carole king. Theatre was fantastic. I treated myself to New York play. The audience was so supportive and friendly. I hope this play comes to Atlanta and I will go again with the memory of the...continued

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Karen O'Connor
30 events
26 reviews
18 stars
attended Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway on Oct 06 2019

7 hours went by so fast. I was in the dress circle and the seats were very good. For $250 it was totally worth it. The same day the tickets went on sale for 20% off at TKTS. I am not sure which was a better value but I was happy with the seats...continued

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Gus Calleros
238 events
17 reviews
62 stars
attended Once On This Island on Jun 19 2018

Great show. Powerful ending. Great singers. I had 2nd row and really enjoyed myself.

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Marie Sawicki
56 events
12 reviews
12 stars
attended Frankie & Johnny in the Clair de Lune on Jul 23 2019

I liked “ Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune “ very much. Stellar work by both actors. See it before it closes this Sunday.

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Margaret cohen
16 events
11 reviews
23 stars
attended The Prom on Feb 19 2019

Our problem was the lady in front of me who brought 2 large pillows from home and completely obstructived the view. After she added her coat at intermission l finally leaned over a d her response was l'm comfortable, live with it ! This of...continued

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Winifred Reed
25 events
11 reviews
57 stars
attended The Prom on Jul 24 2019

This show Deserved it's Tony Award. The story plot's very today. Not preachy, some really good laughs. Fab acting.

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44 events
11 reviews
1 stars
attended What The Constitution Means To Me on Jul 31 2019

I thought twice about attending a one act play that runs close to two hours with no intermission, but it was riveting, and I learned so much about the Constitution. We the people originally referred only landed men; women and slaves did not...continued

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16 events
6 reviews
15 stars
attended Beautiful – The Carole King Musical on Aug 02 2017

I loved it ....had trouble sitting still in my seat , wanted to get up and move ......

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Christine Staltare D'Antonio
Christine Staltare D'Antonio Red Velvet
19 events
3 reviews
74 stars
attended King Kong on Mar 09 2019

It was spectacular ! The special effects were stupendous

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4 events
2 reviews
10 stars
attended King Kong on May 04 2019

Omg words can’t describe this show!!! It’s a grand spectacle like no other!!! The acting is absolutely superb as well as the set designs!!! Run don’t walk to see this once in a lifetime show u won’t be disappointed!!!

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Margaret Kelly
10 events
2 reviews
17 stars
attended Beautiful – The Carole King Musical on Aug 05 2017

Fantastic show, amazing talent and perfect seat.

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kecia d thompson
4 events
1 review
29 stars
attended Beautiful – The Carole King Musical on Sep 15 2018

My husband I were celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary month. What a great show.

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Brenda Brown
19 events
1 review
16 stars
attended Beautiful – The Carole King Musical on Mar 01 2019

Show was great. Absolutely enjoyed it.?

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attended Beautiful – The Carole King Musical on Jul 31 2019

Amazing performance, story line ! We were really surprised by how many pieces she collaborated on prior to being a solo act. Not one flaw in this production!

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