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Brad R
147 events
93 reviews
128 stars
attended Cabaret on Oct 13 2017

Better than expected - and I had high expectations. Parking in their own lot was plentiful. No food or drink at all in the theatre proper, but may be bought and consumed in the lobby.

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Brian Dawson
156 events
90 reviews
15 stars
attended Cabaret on Oct 21 2017

Very cool stage production. You were ushered into the club and sat at tables to watch the show. I think they did it that way on Broadway too. Good performances by all. I do wish that they would mike the cast instead of just a few people. Voices...continued

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Coralie Farlee
235 events
82 reviews
64 stars
attended Cabaret on Aug 05 2017

This was my second time to see this production. VERY GOOD; honest, seemingly "true to the life of the time", and very good portrayals of Jewish and gay life; then the Nazis come . . .

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203 events
70 reviews
8 stars
attended Cabaret on Aug 10 2017

WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! Serenbe does it again!!!!! Another fabulous Broadway-quality production. Where to begin? Everything about this show is extraordinary. But worth mentioning are the performances.....Sally (Molly Tynes). Wow. Just wow....continued

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Susan Riley English
61 events
28 reviews
35 stars
attended Cabaret on Jun 24 2017

I have seen this musical probably a dozen times ( including Broadway). This production's Sally Bowles has the most amazing voice that I've ever heard in the role. Sleazy, funny, heart- breaking, and great music... Wonderful night!!!

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277 events
24 reviews
19 stars
Christine Bowdish
86 events
18 reviews
26 stars
attended Cabaret on Jun 29 2017

Although it was a good show, it was difficult to hear since the volume was down.

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Kirk Henry
193 events
9 reviews
34 stars
attended Cabaret on Oct 08 2017

These local professionals always do a great job! Loved it! Outstanding!

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Heidi Pfeiffer
8 events
1 review
7 stars
attended Cabaret on Sep 01 2017

Outstanding !! I've just started to see Serenbe performances and I have to say this was one of the best. Being in the woods....yes actually in the woods was so nice. The set was unbelievable. Kudos to everyone who made this performance so...continued

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Bill R
81 events
79 reviews
0 stars
attended Cabaret on Jun 17 2018

You may not encounter a production of this quality too often.

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94 events
50 reviews
15 stars
attended Cabaret on Oct 29 2017

This was the best show we have seen at the Gem. I loved the way they changed the theater to become a "Cabaret" and the actors/actresses coming in and out of the center showcase to dance and sing.

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183 events
43 reviews
15 stars
attended Cabaret on Sep 15 2017

I really liked the show. The acting, singing costumes were great. But I did not like the German swastika piece at the end. It was a little sinister and I thought it detracted from the show.

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Eric Bradley
55 events
24 reviews
256 stars
attended Cabaret: Das Musical on Apr 14 2018

Cabaret was a really solid production. It was smartly directed, and paced and cast well.

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Cyndi Friedman
51 events
23 reviews
31 stars
attended Cabaret on Sep 10 2017

I thought this cast did a superb job. Amazing how small theaters can put on such a great performance. Highly recommend

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Gini Wolf
51 events
21 reviews
20 stars
attended Cabaret on Oct 15 2017

Supurb performances and a hard hitting message!

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Thomas Lawson
29 events
20 reviews
1 stars
attended Cabaret on Jun 15 2018

I have seen "Cabaret" 25+ times. This production was more somber than most and the beginning could have been more playful reflecting the good times before descending into despair in the second act. The cast sang well. I had problems with some...continued

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Rus McCoy
41 events
18 reviews
1 stars
attended Cabaret on Aug 06 2017

"Cabaret" is one of my favorite musicals. Serenbe's performance was like seeing it for the first time! Clowdus, as the MC was excellent as were all the other principle actors. The choreography and set design augmented the mood of the musical...continued

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45 events
18 reviews
12 stars
attended Cabaret on Jul 13 2017

Absolutely fantastic show. The singers were top notch, and the choreography was well done. Don't miss this show!

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