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107 Carlos Mencia Reviews

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151 stars
attended Comedian Carlos Mencia on Sep 26 2008

You better know who and what Carlos Mencia is about before you go see him...bc he is pretty vulgar...funny...but vulgar.

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Thelma Parivar
Thelma Parivar Red Velvet
16 events
2 reviews
6 stars
attended Comedian Carlos Mencia on Sep 27 2008

This was a great show. It started late and the opening performances made me a little restless, but Carlos was great! I am very happy I got to see this show.

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Judy Eisenberg
156 events
123 reviews
26 stars
attended Comedian Carlos Mencia on Sep 27 2008

One of the funniest guys around.....remember his motto, "make fun of everyone or make fun of no one".

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96 events
53 reviews
45 stars
attended Carlos Mencia on Feb 21 2019

This show was listed as "Carlos, 7:30 to 9," but was actually 3 comics, one by one and then together, still going on and on and on at 10:10 when we gave up and left. By that point they were drinking on stage and laughing at their own "jokes." ...continued

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