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Set amidst the razzle-dazzle decadence of the 1920s, Chicago is the story of Roxie Hart, a housewife and nightclub dancer who murders her on-the-side lover after he threatens to walk out on her. Desperate to avoid conviction, she dupes the public, the media and her rival cellmate, Velma Kelly, by hiring Chicago‚Äôs slickest criminal lawyer to transform her malicious crime into a barrage of sensational headlines, the likes of which might just as easily be ripped from today’s tabloids.

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H. Gold
H. Gold Red Velvet
706 events
217 reviews
924 stars
attended Chicago on Sep 03 2017

Nice musical. Sound was not optimal, though, since several singers were hard to understand in the mezzanine.

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Steven Mark
354 events
129 reviews
15 stars
attended Chicago on Apr 27 2016

Eddie George does for musical theatre what he did for the NFL.

He's a decent protagonist. He was a decent player.

He can make a living in the theatre. He made a living in the NFL.

It is doubtful he'll ever win a Tony. It is doubtful he'll get...continued

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Denise M.
Denise M. Red Velvet
163 events
95 reviews
69 stars
attended Chicago on Aug 11 2016

Chicago was a class act all the way through, with great comedic acting, wonderful voices, and exciting choreography. Even though I'd already seen Chicago elsewhere several times before, I really enjoyed seeing it done again by these performers.

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112 events
85 reviews
318 stars
attended Chicago on May 06 2017

Amazing show, superb acting, dancing and singing by a great cast! The set and costumes were beautifully and effectively designed. The live band added much juice to the show. Such a different feel than one set in downtown SF though: I felt a deep...continued

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Yoli Jutson
Yoli Jutson Red Velvet
75 events
30 reviews
29 stars
attended Chicago on Jul 27 2019

Excellent evening with this great band. Seats were also very good. Thank you!

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Chad and Brad
80 events
20 reviews
31 stars
attended Chicago on Apr 27 2016

Brandy Was great but the ensemble was amazing! Thomas was my favorite dancer!

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Ms Joye
32 events
16 reviews
17 stars
attended Chicago on Apr 28 2016

It was O.K. Sound was a factor. Not good seating selection. The only musical within the last three that I have attended that I would not return for a second time. It was good but not anything to write home about.

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48 events
15 reviews
16 stars
attended Chicago on Jul 27 2019

Only 2 of the originals remain! The music was passable, but the worst was a screen message announcing $100 backstage passes to have a photo taken with the group. Save your money, people. Take a selfie with an old album. Also unforgivable was a...continued

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Mary Ashford
13 events
10 reviews
50 stars
attended Chicago on May 13 2017

This production was a real treat. First class show all the way. A great rendition of such a classic broadway killer diller show! Thank You!

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40 events
2 reviews
40 stars
attended Chicago on Jul 27 2019

Wow! Just an amazing show! Unbelievable how fresh Chicago sounds after all these years of excellence. Likewise, I could tell that they enjoyed the audience too -- a formula for a perfect performance.

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Margaret Kline
3 events
2 reviews
16 stars
attended Chicago on Jul 27 2019

Amazing concert in a beautiful venue! Seats were up high where we could catch a breeze yet still felt we were enjoying the experience thanks to big screen projection of the band. LOVED IT!!!

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Claire Risley
691 events
292 reviews
182 stars
attended Chicago on Aug 07 2016

The cast at Woodminster always do a splendid job. The songs, costumes, esp. the girls who came in and out with Billy were fabulous, and the dance numbers with everyone lovely. It was fun watching them work out and stretch, and practice moves we...continued

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David C. Baker
280 events
251 reviews
277 stars
attended Chicago on Aug 06 2016

The cast and crew of the Woodminster Amphitheater never disappoint. The musical Chicago was another such gem. Costumes and musical numbers were top notch. The cast really filled their rolls.
Thank you Goldstar and Woodminster Amp for a great...continued

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music diva
music diva
249 events
98 reviews
5 stars
attended Chicago on Feb 20 2016

The show was great. I had a good time, but I would advise anyone who's purchasing a ticket to try for Orchestra. Lots of stairs for the mezzanine.

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music diva
music diva
249 events
98 reviews
5 stars
attended Chicago on Jun 09 2018

Awesome. Thank you Goldstar.

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Kim West
111 events
65 reviews
261 stars
Deena Evergreen
93 events
50 reviews
14 stars
attended Chicago on Sep 04 2016

The play was less than what I expected. The strange thing is that while the first half of the play was going on there were two people sitting in front of us that were sleeping, and I had to fight sleep. The seats were extremely tight ( I am...continued

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Callista Bessellieu
Callista Bessellieu
63 events
41 reviews
58 stars
attended Chicago on Jun 18 2017

*FANTASTIC* Performance!

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111 events
37 reviews
35 stars
attended Chicago on Oct 20 2019

The production was good and the orchestra and performance crew were fantastic. However the orchestra seat was uncomfortable because of the blocked view due to person in front of me. Rows are very closely arranged.
The weakest parts of the...continued

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42 events
34 reviews
6 stars
attended Chicago on Aug 13 2016

Very good cast - voices were fabulous and everyone seemed to have a good time on stage which was great to watch

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