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53 Christine Ebersole Reviews

Bob S.
308 events
287 reviews
460 stars
attended Christine Ebersole With Host-Pianist Seth Rudetsky on Jan 07 2017

Christine Ebersole gave us charming stories and glorious vocals!
These shows are always a wonder. Seth as host and pianist really knows how to get a great show out of each performer. Can't wait for Chita~

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Cybil Solyn
296 events
206 reviews
42 stars
attended Candide on Feb 08 2018

This was great fun with excellent talent and even my boyfriend who has never seen opera could enjoy an operetta that had a song about VD. So glad I got to see it.

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Gerald J.
193 events
54 reviews
106 stars
attended Christine Ebersole on Sep 05 2013

Mrs. Ebersole shows her total chops as a Tony winner. She has vocal versatility, patter, acting plus a musical trio of the highest caliber

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Larry Russo
426 events
26 reviews
13 stars
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