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Diavolo: Architecture in Motion

At first glance the giant, surrealistic structures look like a recipe for a broken limb or even a maiming. Then the performers start climbing, rocking, and leaping off them. And if they weren’t so mind-bogglingly good at it, you’d probably suggest they seek professional help. But they are, and so you just sit there with your mouth agape as you take it all in. They’re Diavolo Dance Theater, and if you didn’t see them completely blow away the judges on “America’s Got Talent” — and even if you did — you’re going to want to see them live onstage. Led by Jacques Heim, who created “Cirque du Soleil’s Ka”, Diavolo blurs the lines between dance, acrobatics and parkour for one goosebumps-raising experience called “architecture in motion.”


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22 Diavolo: Architecture in Motion Reviews

Anonymous Red Velvet
606 events
342 reviews
799 stars
attended Diavolo Dance Theater on Oct 13 2018

I have seen them 3 times now and I'll see them again and again...

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44 events
31 reviews
11 stars
attended Diavolo Dance Theater on Oct 12 2018

Always easy with Goldstar. This is the fourth time we’ve seen Diavolo. Spectacular! The new piece, Journey, is brilliant, and it’s always a pleasure to see Trajectoire. How do they do it?

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Daniel McVey
131 events
29 reviews
38 stars
attended Diavolo Dance Theater on Oct 14 2018

I enjoy Diavolo very much. The efforts the performers go to is amazing. I also enjoy how strong the women in the company are--this is especially on display in the first piece which explores a woman's desire for outer space. I found myself tearing...continued

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74 events
27 reviews
59 stars
attended Diavolo Dance Theater on Oct 13 2018

High energy exciting show with amazing dancers!

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