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In this stage production based on Disney’s lively and colorful animated version of this classic legend, Aladdin is a wily street urchin who falls head-over-heels in love when he encounters the alluring Princess Jasmine. A princess would normally be beyond the reach of a commoner, but Aladdin is aided by a comical magic genie who helps him achieve the impossible. The hit Broadway musical features favorite songs from the movie, including “Friend Like Me” and “A Whole New World.”

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417 Disney's Aladdin - National Tour Reviews

Scott Carter
1091 events
596 reviews
223 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Nov 07 2017

Over-the-top-staging. Amazing costumes and effects. Great singing and dancing. You can't go wrong with this one. It's everything you'd expect and more.

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988 events
468 reviews
1061 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Aug 07 2010

Both of us enjoyed this play. The acting was good. The set was beautiful as were the costumes. The genie stole the show as it is the best character in the movie. The genie was over the top funny with some modern lines added for fun. I...continued

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Jerry Davis
389 events
216 reviews
24 stars
attended Disney’s ALADDIN on May 24 2017

Really good show. Don't let the Disney name fool you this is a show for young and old alike extremely good casting and staging musical numbers were top drawer think you'll like itas I did very much

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Cybil Solyn
297 events
209 reviews
43 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Jan 11 2018

Maybe this show needs a bigger theater. I know it needs people who can sing. The Jinni was great, and how hard he worked made it seem like he knew he was holding this show together. Which is why I was stunned that we had to wait until nearly...continued

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323 events
144 reviews
85 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Nov 01 2017

Despite paying for side and rear I got a 10th row center seat, which was fantastic. Enjoyed the show, and appreciated choices to make magic carpets and animal sidekicks metaphorical rather than literal. Very high-caliber dancing, entertaining...continued

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333 events
131 reviews
7 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Feb 01 2018

Mobile ticketing works great. The show is very lush, beautiful costumes and sets. The new songs mostly work (maybe one or two slow things down though still entertaining) and the performances are all fine. Audience was crazy for it. I sat at the...continued

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F. E.
212 events
129 reviews
17 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Sep 03 2010

It was delightful, lots of fun. Good performances and great choreography. Talented cast. For adults as well as kids.

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Greg Williams
172 events
66 reviews
38 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Jul 31 2019

A great musical for a Summer Family Fun outing. If you do not bring a kid then watch one near you and enjoy the real magic of the theater thru their reactions. A wonderful cast gives you an full evening of music dancing and fun.

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Barbara Levinson
105 events
49 reviews
49 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Nov 14 2017

fabulous show. be sure and be there

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Pat Chin
124 events
45 reviews
60 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Nov 07 2017

Spectacular! Great dancing, beautiful scenery, magical carpet ride! the night we went, the understudy sub for the Genie, he was fantastic!

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Don Moore
Don Moore Red Velvet
104 events
44 reviews
8 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin, Jr. on Apr 15 2016

Enjoyed the production. The kids did a great job!
Was frustrated with the so called first come first serve policy, because when we arrived early, most of the seats were reserved in advance. Also, I would highly recommend investing in booster...continued

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James Bannon
83 events
22 reviews
24 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Nov 11 2017

My granddaughter loved her first big musical. Want to see another one based on a Disney theme.

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Chad and Brad
78 events
20 reviews
23 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Jan 24 2018

Great Cast! And I loved the set and production value! FUN MUST SEE!

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42 events
8 reviews
8 stars
attended Disney’s ALADDIN on Jun 18 2017

Very entertaining. The music and dancing was amazing. The actor portraying the genie was a riot! It was a fun night for the entire family.

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Adriana Red Velvet
16 events
8 reviews
40 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Aug 29 2019

Being a Disney nut I tend to be critical when it comes to any Disney performance. My boyfriend and I loved this. The set design was pretty amazing. They did a great job with all the moving pieces and setting the scene to make dance numbers and...continued

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33 events
7 reviews
17 stars
attended Disney’s ALADDIN on Aug 01 2017

Very entertaining. A nice family event. Loved these talented performers!

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27 events
7 reviews
12 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Sep 07 2019

Amazing show. All ages are sure to enjoy. As always, the genie is steals the show. Would highly recommend. One of my favorite Disney musical so far.

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Kerstine Red Velvet
17 events
6 reviews
12 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Nov 08 2017

The show. Vibrant, colorful, Glitzy, shiny, boisterous cast, costumes, orchestra and amazing set designs, Disney mash up with a Beach Blanket Babylon flare. Good for adults and children. The adult humor goes right over the kids heads.


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Dawn Ward
Dawn Ward Red Velvet
29 events
4 reviews
2 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Jan 21 2018

Disney always provides a GREAT show! The choreography, songs, costumes, and props were fabulous. The genie is EVERYTHING!!

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Kidsyogamum Red Velvet
11 events
4 reviews
6 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Nov 08 2017

Our seats were great! The four of us loved it! It was full of color, humor and singing. All in all, I'm glad we didn't miss it!

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