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In this stage production based on Disney’s lively and colorful animated version of this classic legend, Aladdin is a wily street urchin who falls head-over-heels in love when he encounters the alluring Princess Jasmine. A princess would normally be beyond the reach of a commoner, but Aladdin is aided by a comical magic genie who helps him achieve the impossible. The hit Broadway musical features favorite songs from the movie, including “Friend Like Me” and “A Whole New World.”

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Pratel Winston
9 events
4 reviews
26 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Jul 18 2019

This was absolutely a breathe of fresh air! The Genie was the highlight for me!

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Raul Rubio
Raul Rubio Red Velvet
14 events
3 reviews
26 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Mar 20 2018

Great memories of original Genie was incredibly good so much fun

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Goldstar Member
16 events
2 reviews
17 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Apr 04 2019

Was such a fun show! Was a special treat that the Genie was the same guy who played the Genie in the New York Broadway shows. I laughed so much and danced along with the music. Loved seeing one of my favorite childhood movies come to life. Liked...continued

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Cecilia Rodriguez
6 events
1 review
10 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Mar 14 2018

Great Show the Genie made the show!!!!

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D. West
2 events
1 review
8 stars
attended Disney’s ALADDIN on May 28 2017

Great show! Everyone should go see it. The music, the customes, the dancers, singers the orchestra. Of course, it 's Disney, it is what you expect!!! We just wished we were down a balcony. Did not care for middle J-P. Too far away.

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14 events
1 review
3 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Dec 26 2017

It was a family fun show with beautiful costumes and set changes. I liked it, but didn't love it given the $$$.

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234 events
160 reviews
23 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Jan 21 2018

My kids were singing the songs all the way home - and loved every minute. Is it perfect? Eh, hard to tell given you’re naturally drawn to the familiar songs/beats from the movie more than the new songs, but “Friend Like Me?” One of the splashiest...continued

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Kath Engelsman
212 events
112 reviews
546 stars
attended Disney’s ALADDIN on Jul 20 2017


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271 events
72 reviews
70 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Jan 18 2018

Underwhelming. If you like your Aladdin old and your genie to be nothing but LOUD, obnoxious and possessing little talent for anything else (which people seemed to), it’s for you.

I don’t understand why loud and obnoxious is so applauded these...continued

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290 events
54 reviews
16 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Jan 10 2018

Fabulously entertaining! Recommended for all ages of theatre lovers.

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72 events
45 reviews
6 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Jan 25 2018

The production was amazing!!! Genie steals the show, but the entire cast is incredible. The set and costumes were beautiful too. Lots of current one-liners thrown in there. Don’t know if young children will follow along well but definitely great...continued

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Kaylah Cheryl Sterling
150 events
45 reviews
15 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Nov 01 2017

Aladdin was an uplifting, beautiful experience, filled with good acting, gorgeous set design and lovely music.

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Robert James
44 events
37 reviews
5 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Nov 04 2017

I wanted to see this as I travel often to NYC and didn't want to waste a Broadway ticket on a Disney Musical....but I'd heard this was the best one of the Disney shows. It was very good and not to kiddie-like....like the Lion King. The sets,...continued

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Irina H.
133 events
36 reviews
67 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Feb 03 2018

Very cute performance - great music, wonderful effects! Some singers were stronger than others but overall, a very talented cast!

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Tap Major
35 events
29 reviews
46 stars
attended Disney’s ALADDIN on Jul 25 2017

Although some of the musical numbers were a bit lame and a few jokes were the same with difficulty in hearing clearly, the staging, the varity of colorful costumes, and the sets more than made up for any negatives one might find in this...continued

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Chuck Olson
53 events
28 reviews
29 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Dec 27 2017

Our seats were way back on outside edge but still could see and hear and enjoy the musical. I was surprised that the place was a sellout.

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Ngan N. Nguyen
34 events
28 reviews
8 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Jul 18 2019

It was very well done! The set and costumes were beautiful. The Genie was comical and entertaining. The carpet ride scene was quite astonishing for a live stage. Great musical production!

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Dolores Spears
38 events
25 reviews
9 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Jan 31 2018

Great singing, vibrant costumes, wonderful dance routines. Although Aladdin and the Princess was supposed to be the stars, the Genie stole the show. Excellent performance!

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83 events
25 reviews
12 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Mar 07 2018

In the event I suddenly become 9 years old again, I would not want to miss this one. For sophisticated theater-goers without kids, this one can be missed for sure.

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C. Michael Traw
51 events
24 reviews
32 stars
attended Disney’s Aladdin on Dec 26 2017

The show was fine. Lots of understydies in the night I saw it.

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