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attended Comedian D.L. Hughley on Aug 31 2014

The 2 opening comics were way more fun than D.L. Hughley. D.L must of been on some speed, coke, or something. He was talking waaay too fast, which is not usual delivery style for standup, and he used a lot of old jokes from his old routines. He...continued

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Anthony / Edmonia Moore
Anthony / Edmonia Moore Red Velvet
100 events
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David C. Baker
291 events
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285 stars
attended Comedian D.L. Hughley on Jun 26 2021

It was cool getting out and enjoying live comedy. It was also nice being part of San Jose Improv's opening weekend.
As for the show D.L. Hughley's show was a bust. He had a few laughs but the use of the "N Word" had been used a plenty, even by the...continued

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attended Comedian D.L. Hughley on Nov 21 2010

The opening comedian was so hilarious tears were running down my eyes and then he joked about the SWAMP PEOPLE. Holy Smokes he got the main gator catcher's voice spot on. So damn funny!!!!
D.L. is always great straight forward humor - pulling no...continued

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