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In a hidden speakeasy, five classically-trained actors assemble for their sacred ritual. One actor takes five shots of whiskey and then attempts to perform a major role in a Shakespeare play. Hilarity and mayhem ensue as the remaining sober actors attempt to keep the play on track. Every night is different depending on who’s drinking … and what they’re drinking! Drunk Shakespeare is a New York Times’ Critics Pick and “the best thing to ever happen to the theater” according to Slate Magazine. Get a ticket and get in on the fun.


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290 Drunk Shakespeare Reviews

music diva
music diva
258 events
100 reviews
5 stars
attended Drunk Shakespeare on Jun 06 2015

I enjoyed it. Full of laughter. However, it is for adults only, because of the language.

Thank you.

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Brian Dove
113 events
98 reviews
6 stars
attended Drunk Shakespeare Chicago on Aug 14 2021

Part Shakespeare...Part Improv...Park Frat Party Gone Wild. Even sober, I enjoyed this show immensely.

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Mark D Fulwiler
225 events
87 reviews
13 stars
attended Drunk Shakespeare on Aug 25 2021

Very enjoyable evening out with a talented group of performers.

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karen hartig
214 events
75 reviews
72 stars
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