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85 Eric Burdon Reviews

98 events
55 reviews
27 stars
attended Eric Burdon on Apr 20 2013

Eric Burdon was wonderful. Music was amazing and I would highly recommend seeing him the next time he is in town.

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Yoli Jutson
Yoli Jutson Red Velvet
76 events
31 reviews
34 stars
attended Eric Burdon on Oct 11 2013

Eric Burdon was excellent with lots of energy and his great voice.

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Michael Baird
61 events
3 reviews
20 stars
attended Lead Belly Fest on Feb 04 2016

Too long. Too may performers and the headliners did not get enough time

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Geralyn M.
263 events
189 reviews
17 stars
attended Eric Burdon and the Animals on Jul 16 2008

Great venue...great show....great fun

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