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Fest Productions hosts a multitude of events, festivals, and markets throughout New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island. And we are growing locations all the time! We offer a premium service to our customers and work with them for the best possible product.


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Sorry, we don't currently have Fest Productions event tickets available. Check back soon.

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51 Fest Productions Reviews

Michael Fried
54 events
18 reviews
8 stars
attended Brooklyn Wine Festival on Apr 14 2018

This event is a good idea, but the execution was disappointing. Perhaps the greatest sin was the lackluster wine options. With such superb local wines, beers, ciders, and spirits being produced throughout the state, it was unfortunate to see...continued

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Kathleen Carson-Asher
51 events
17 reviews
291 stars
attended New York City Wine Fest on Jan 25 2020

The venue was nice. It was not too crowded, well lit and dj music that still let people hear each other. However, the wine selections were the bottom of the barrel. Obviously a gathering event and not a wine event.

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Robert Cesarano
19 events
16 reviews
27 stars
attended Brooklyn Summer Craft Brew Fest on Aug 24 2019

Great Event! Lotta great beers to sample in a terrific environment.

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19 events
13 reviews
20 stars
attended Brooklyn Wine Festival on Oct 28 2017

Most of the people representing the wines there did not know anything about what they were serving.

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