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114 Gordon Lightfoot Reviews

Chris Murphy
81 events
51 reviews
7 stars
attended Gordon Lightfoot on Nov 07 2013

Show was OK but sound wasn't very good. The Venue is for plays not concerts and I had a lousy seat in the back of the orchestra under the mezzanine, so it was hot and lots of foot traffic and had troubled making out the words. Would have much...continued

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52 events
28 reviews
5 stars
attended Gordon Lightfoot on Nov 07 2013

Seats were fine, all the way back in the orchestra at the Schubert, under an overhang- but fine for a concert. Much as my wife and I like Gordon Lightfoot's original songs and music, unfortunately his voice is basically gone. He can't hit the...continued

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Walter Burrier
59 events
17 reviews
7 stars
attended Gordon Lightfoot on Mar 09 2019

I loved the concert! Gordon Lightfoot was wonderful. He can still sing very well and was very funny and regaled us with good stories. Excellent!

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54 events
13 reviews
15 stars
attended Gordon Lightfoot on Apr 28 2018

Gordon Lightfoot was delightful - but when speaking, mumbles under his breath a lot. He didn't sing anything we were familiar with until after his 6th number or so. (Clearly, we must not be avid fans.)
But it might have been better if we could...continued

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