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One of today’s most gifted illusionists, Ivan Amodei (pronounced e-von ah-moe-day) could have easily settled for merely amazing people. But Amodei doesn’t meticulously craft his intimate performances — which are usually accompanied by live cello music — to simply stupefy. Whether it’s his world-class sleight-of-hand, fantastic storytelling or mind-blowing mentalism, every “trick” embodies a powerful truth about empowerment and hope. The Los Angeles Times named his long-running show Intimate Illusions a Top Pick, and BroadwayWorld called it “Spectacular!” Discover why Amodei has won six People’s Choice Awards for Best Entertainer when he brings his remarkable magic — and message — to your city.

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Andrea Szeredy
264 events
194 reviews
148 stars
attended Magician Ivan Amodei on Dec 31 2010

Sorry, but this show only earns a 3 Star "It Was O.K." There was too much wasted time in-between tricks, & it was difficult to see since everyone's head was right in front of you - the seating was portable chairs on the level floor, with only a...continued

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324 events
163 reviews
84 stars
attended Magician Ivan Amodei on Feb 04 2012

Very fun and entertaining magic show. Some tricks are amazing and some are just ordinary, but overall its a terrific show.

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Robin Rothrock
188 events
127 reviews
36 stars
attended Magician Ivan Amodei on Sep 14 2013

It was a very fun event. Different from other magic shows that we have gone to see.

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111 events
101 reviews
387 stars
attended Magician Ivan Amodei on Nov 05 2016

A fun and interesting show with a great magician.

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Frances Tuck
164 events
94 reviews
32 stars
attended Magician Ivan Amodei on Jun 21 2014

The show was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Patricia K.-D
215 events
69 reviews
133 stars
attended Magician Ivan Amodei on Jan 27 2012

Great fun and a show for EVERYONE
Ivan is a terrific Magician, an he is a DELIGHT
in this intimate "salon: show, up-close and perfect...

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101 events
55 reviews
30 stars
attended Magician Ivan Amodei on Aug 13 2011

Many things we liked. The suite was very very quaint about only 60 people if that many. Ivan had the audience participate in many of his illusions and some were quite amazing...We would highly recommend the show. Dress attire is cocktail (It's in...continued

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Goldstar Lover!!!
83 events
40 reviews
49 stars
attended Magician Ivan Amodei on May 14 2011

We had a great time -- lots of laughs and entertainment. The venue is small enough that everyone can see. There were only about 5 rows of seats. If you get there about 30 minutes before show time, you will line up outside the room and be one of...continued

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68 events
33 reviews
1 stars
attended Magician Ivan Amodei’s Intimate Illusions on Dec 27 2015

The event was on the 14th floor of the hotel but we were held in a room on the first floor for a long time. The seats were on a level floor which made it difficult to see much of what was going on especially for any children. We were sitting in...continued

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58 events
30 reviews
37 stars
attended Magician Ivan Amodei on Aug 11 2012

The setting is lovely, the patter is nice, the music adds charm. The magic, alas, is mediocre, far inferior to close-up magic at the Magic Castle.

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Richard Rice
117 events
20 reviews
17 stars
attended Magician Ivan Amodei on May 14 2011

I should have read the reviews before buying my tickets. After reading them, I decided not to go. The primary reason was that he’s performing in a salon and not on an elevated stage. Many of the reviews indicate that it’s hard to see and his jokes...continued

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Jan Spivey Gilchrist
29 events
15 reviews
14 stars
attended Magician Ivan Amodei on Mar 22 2014

The magic was junior high level. I actually fell asleep a few times. Don't sit in the front row! It's on top of the little magician and you might get hit with one of his props. He was unprofessional and clumsy. He seemed to be angry and hostile...continued

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Willem Cilliers
40 events
12 reviews
2 stars
attended Ivan Amodei: Intimate Illusions on Mar 23 2013

Quite delightful all around. Kevin has a high-energy act and live cello music accompaniment. He performs a series of highly entertaining illusions, some of which totally unpredictable. A great treat for all the family.

Seating is first come...continued

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Rebekah Red Velvet
38 events
8 reviews
47 stars
attended Magician Ivan Amodei on Dec 27 2014

Cool show, seating not optimal

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William Dean Neese
William Dean Neese Red Velvet
122 events
5 reviews
8 stars
attended Ivan Amodei: Intimate Illusions on Sep 11 2015

Surpassed my expectations! Wonderful night.

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MWilsonGA Red Velvet
10 events
5 reviews
5 stars
attended Magician Ivan Amodei on Jun 19 2016

Definitely recommend Ivan Amodei 's show. It's fun. The setup is quite elegant. He has a commanding stage presence, he's funny and likable, and he interacts with the audience in a really enjoyable way. He comes across as a great guy. I took my...continued

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john h duval
13 events
4 reviews
3 stars
Alan Sorkin
58 events
4 reviews
4 stars
attended Ivan Amodei: Secrets and Illusions on Nov 03 2018

Far exceeded our expectations. I van is a great showman and magician.

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38 events
3 reviews
3 stars
attended Magician Ivan Amodei on Dec 07 2013

It was boring and very hoaky. I have seen better illusionists that have a better flow to the show.

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Lydia Cavieux
9 events
3 reviews
20 stars
attended Magician Ivan Amodei on Dec 26 2017

So surprising! Show was so entertaining and amazing from start to finish :-)

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