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L.A. based chanteuse, songwriter and accordionist Jessica Fichot is a lot like her hometown of Paris: French at heart, but with a soul that is truly international. With a collection of new original songs, all crafted from her “song board” of ideas (written on colorful post-its and pinned to a world map), chanteuse/songwriter Jessica Fichot takes the audience on a musical voyage around the world. With her original French chansons, she sings about subjects as varied as lost love, social media and Paris’s Chinatown, while her Chinese songs touch on romantic conflict, friendship and the nostalgia of Old Shanghai. Adding a few American and international classics to the mix, she invites the listener to be active in the journey — with some lively tunes that the audience will be clapping along and singing along to. Accompanied by her accordion, toy piano and fiery band (clarinet, guitar, drums and upright bass), with vocals in French, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English, Jessica’s live performance is dazzling journey not to be missed.


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