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33 Jim Belushi Reviews

Sam Altomere
Sam Altomere
44 events
33 reviews
4 stars
attended Jim Belushi and The Board of Comedy on Jan 13 2018

first off, thank you so much for this opportunity to get out...we rarely get the chance..as for the show...mostly family friendly and non-offensive...the cast is really nice..and the show flows well..but I found that these people are not nearly as...continued

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Debbi Kightlinger
53 events
20 reviews
58 stars
attended Jim Belushi and The Chicago Board of Comedy on Oct 04 2013

Lots of fun. Jim Belushi is very talented on the harmonica. This show was Improv, not stand-up and it was good, not great - maybe an off night?

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Jack Martin
22 events
18 reviews
9 stars
64 events
11 reviews
5 stars
attended Jim Belushi and The Chicago Board of Comedy on Apr 05 2014

This was a one-line show of interaction with the audience with two questions: what is your name? what do you do? And not very clever/funny ways of working with the responses. Three of the guys are fat and hard to look at, the improv pieces...continued

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