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11 Kevin Farley Reviews

Linda Ferguson Frappia
49 events
34 reviews
10 stars
attended Comedian Kevin Farley on May 26 2013

this was not worth it. and the tickets were free. he is sooo bad. was reading from note cards. was disgusting, not funny. we left early. really resented the $30 for the 4 drink cover charge and the handling fee from Goldstar for this one. ...continued

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23 events
11 reviews
5 stars
attended Comedian Kevin Farley on Jul 09 2016

The regular warm up guy was hilarious

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15 events
8 reviews
1 stars
attended Comedian Kevin Farley on Jan 30 2015

Great staff, great room, adequate eats and drinks. Heard the F bomb from all the comedians (4) too many times. Too many "openers".

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3 events
3 reviews
6 stars
attended Comedians Kevin Farley and Jeff Richards on Apr 16 2016

Server never finished our drink order. Then had to wait till after performance to get bill for first and only round!

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