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Lali started her career as an actress in 2003 starring in different TV series of the Argentine producer Cris Morena. She became popular when she costarred the TV series “Casi Ángeles.” At the time, she also began her singing career with the music band Teen Angels, the TV series spin off. With the band, she travelled around Latin America, Spain, Italy and Israel performing their music. In 2013, she launched her solo career together with the production studio 3musica. Her first album, “A Bailar” won the Pop Revelation Album of the Year award. In this album she combines a fusion of musical styles like hip-hop, pop, dance R&B, dubstep and electronic music. After two years of “#ABailarTour,” in 2016, she released her second studio album “SOY.” With her tour “#SOYTour,” Lali performed in many provinces of Argentine and in countries such as Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, USA, Mexico, Spain, Italy and Israel.


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