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37 Laurie Kilmartin Reviews

Jazz Lover
Jazz Lover Red Velvet
231 events
124 reviews
61 stars
attended Comedians Deon Cole and Laurie Kilmartin on Mar 11 2012

I love comedy, and I thought Laurie Kilmartin was brilliant--she was very original, hysterically funny, and she worked the audience well.

Deon Cole, on the other hand, was dreadful, and for my money, one of the worst comedians I have ever seen....continued

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Joe Manning
80 events
57 reviews
33 stars
attended Laurie Kilmartin on Jun 02 2018

Laurie Kilmartin killed it on stage at the late night show at Laugh Boston. Headlining a trio of comedians she instantly commanded the stage and kept the laughs coming in her very tight set touching on single parents, relationships and our...continued

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Goldstar Member
67 events
36 reviews
16 stars
attended Comedians Deon Cole and Laurie Kilmartin on Mar 09 2012

Seasoned professionals with very creative material as well as hysterical adl libs. It's hard not to want to compare comedians but Laurie reminded me somewhat of Chelsea Handler. The laughter created by both entertainers had me feeling very good...continued

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23 events
15 reviews
14 stars
attended Comedian Laurie Kilmartin on Mar 26 2011

Some nights the acts at Roosters are spot on, sometimes they aren't. Ok comedy routine by the lineup but not the best I've seen from Roosters.

Goldstar members be advised, there's a 2 item minimum per person on top of the ticket prices here.

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