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attended Comedian Lynne Koplitz on Mar 28 2013

Lynne seemed off her game, perhaps it was because it was the first night. There was a decent crowd for a Thursday so she should have been better prepared. At times it seemed she'd lose her place in the set and that would throw her timing off. ...continued

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Tom Cannon
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34 stars
attended Comedian Lynne Koplitz on Apr 11 2014

Lynee was very funny would go back. If you do not like "blue" or sexually based jokes then this is not for you. I do however so it was great, my wife the "church lady" stayed home.

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32 events
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5 stars
attended Comedian Lynne Koplitz on Feb 13 2016

Very funny. opening act, needs many more hours to be able to do comedy.
venue was ok, needs some work, it was a good thing the lights were dim

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33 events
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4 stars
attended Comedian Lynne Koplitz on Aug 01 2009

Very funny...and dirty.

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