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David C. Baker
288 events
259 reviews
282 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Jul 09 2017

The cast was very good. Set design and costumes were good too. Only issue was with the drop in sound quality throughout the play and mic feedback at times. Otherwise it was a wonderful Sunday Night out.
Thank you Goldstar and Woodminster Amp...continued

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Geralyn M.
263 events
189 reviews
17 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Feb 23 2019

Cupcake always delivers!!! Great production. Great talent. Great venue. U will definitely enjoy this show!!!

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Martin Zimmerman
190 events
110 reviews
16 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on May 18 2019

Sheer delight. Full of energy, charm, humor, sincerity and of course the exquisite ABBA score, East West has produced an endlessly moving, entertaining, engaging and danceable confection.

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Brad R
153 events
95 reviews
128 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Feb 01 2019

Better than the movie and just a blast! Cupcake brings out the best in their cast, especially for this production.

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Plays at First
216 events
94 reviews
34 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Nov 22 2019

Girls night out. This is one show that cannot be ruined and it was a lot of fun. The only thing I didn't like was the choice for Skye, one of the main characters. The main actresses sang about an octave lower than ABBA , but it was still good....continued

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Jeff Wise
Jeff Wise
317 events
93 reviews
84 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Oct 17 2019

We loved this production of the musical! Very brillian talented cast, and it was so much fun to experience it, hear it see it, watch all of the dancing and the singers and actors could not have been better! They put on a fantastic show every...continued

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195 events
84 reviews
22 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Feb 16 2019

Another great show at Cupcake Theater! You can really feel the love that goes into making each and every production.

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My Events
147 events
76 reviews
12 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Jun 16 2019

What a fun show...electric for everyone....don't miss this will lift u up no matter your mood....enjoy!

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Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith
164 events
76 reviews
92 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Mar 02 2019

Wonderful Production! Great performances, staging and sets . . . ???

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125 events
76 reviews
191 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Jun 07 2019

Awesome performance. Every. Single. Time. And such a wonderful place to take in an amazing show. Live band playing ABBA was outstanding. And of course, Alison Rich!!!

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Candy Man Dan
124 events
74 reviews
90 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Jan 26 2019

I would like to rate this performance with 8 stars if it were possible! I have been to a lot of shows & I never have seen such enthusiasm from all the cast members! I can't say enough for the music talent, lighting & sound, wonderful people who go...continued

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Bob Lentz
109 events
67 reviews
18 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Jun 16 2019

terrific singing, dancing, and live orchestra!

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Siobhan Long
Siobhan Long
92 events
61 reviews
134 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Jul 28 2017

Fantastic show..... outstanding performers and actors..... so much nuance and fun peppered throughout the show...... what a great evening!

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74 events
47 reviews
6 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Jun 08 2019

Community theater at its best!!! East West Players never let me down and this production is no exception. Wonderful talented cast and I loved the Asian spin on lyrics and phrases.

So happy to hear the run has been extended. EVERYONE, you've...continued

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130 events
46 reviews
20 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Jun 22 2019

Fun night out.......the cast really went out of their way to include the audience.
Bravo performance.

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Joyce G.
122 events
44 reviews
14 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Feb 10 2019

Great cast and staging. A wonderful production that leaves the audience standing and cheering at the end.

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199 events
44 reviews
15 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Jan 27 2019

Great show! The cast was incredible and the so was the music. Hard to go wrong with ABBA.

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SF theatergoer
85 events
40 reviews
42 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Jul 16 2017

It's a fun show that I saw before. If you like ABBA music, you can't help but like the show. This production omitted a favorite scene from previous times I saw the show in which the young men are dressed in wetsuits and snorkel masks. The actress...continued

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Irina H.
133 events
37 reviews
67 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Oct 12 2019

Great performance! Talented staff! Very enjoyable!

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Ed Siller
71 events
34 reviews
8 stars
attended Mamma Mia! on Jun 14 2018

Loved the show --- so entertaining and fast-paced.
GREAT music!!

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