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the reflective viewer
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180 stars
attended Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis on Oct 24 2011

It is a hypnosis show. The most malleable volunteers are selected and made to do silly and vulgar things. It is called a comedy but Savard is not very funny. If you like people playing instruments with their bottoms you may laugh a lot.

I came...continued

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attended Marc Savard’s Comedy Hypnosis on Dec 30 2019

Amassing must see show in Vargas. I recommend this to everyone and have bought several people tickets to this show. I myself have seen the show twice.

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50 events
46 reviews
9 stars
Ira Z.
169 events
45 reviews
1 stars
attended Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis on Nov 11 2008

Watching other people can fools of themselves is always funny.

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