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One of the most popular Disney movies of all time is capturing hearts in a whole new way … as a practically perfect musical. Based on the books by P.L. Travers and the classic Walt Disney film, “Mary Poppins” has delighted Broadway audiences for over 2,500 performances and received nominations for nine Olivier and seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical.

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Albert Rowuin
677 events
552 reviews
790 stars
attended Mary Poppins Sing-A-Long on Jan 19 2014

The movie looked great on the big screen and the prompts to sing and clap along certainly made the experience all the more fun. Arriving early to see the the live organist playing Disney hits (including some from the movie) along with the free...continued

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Robert A.
475 events
394 reviews
23 stars
attended Mary Poppins on Sep 03 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic musical. It was truly a fun evening for me which transported me into a world of make believe, love and hope. The lead actress was truly outstanding with a great voice. I thought the director did an...continued

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Cybil Solyn
297 events
206 reviews
43 stars
attended Mary Poppins on Jan 06 2010

Wonderful production with a lot of really amazing set work. Excellent seats, and great for the kids too.

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Andrea Szeredy
263 events
194 reviews
146 stars
attended Mary Poppins on Feb 03 2010

Everything was terrific - couldn't have spent my money more wisely. If you miss this one, you've missed the best!

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186 events
185 reviews
92 stars
attended Mary Poppins on Aug 24 2012

First rate production!! I loved how they were able to create some of the "movie magic" on stage. This would be a great show to introduce children to the theater.

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S. Craig
S. Craig Red Velvet
427 events
182 reviews
51 stars
attended Mary Poppins on Jan 16 2010

Goldstar provided great seats as usual. We were last row center on the Mezzanine with great sightlines and great sound despite being under the overhang. The pitch of the seating is steeper than orchestra, so in fact, the view is better, and sound...continued

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Deborah R. Clark
210 events
134 reviews
24 stars
attended Mary Poppins on May 11 2008

It was awesome. Once again the seats were great. We had the orch seat. We did not miss anything. When Mary Poppins flew through the air my grandchildren were in awe. They sang the songs upon leaving the theatre. It was well worth it. It was...continued

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Roxanne Yahner
299 events
133 reviews
51 stars
attended Mary Poppins on Jan 22 2010

We had seen this wonderful show in London and the L.A. production was every bit as good. The night we attended, there was a surprise performer: Dick Van Dyke playing the bank chairman. The crowd went wild with delight! We took our niece, but the...continued

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113 events
109 reviews
12 stars
106 events
98 reviews
378 stars
attended Mary Poppins: Exclusive Pre-Sale on Nov 28 2009

A fantastic Mary Poppins she was! The rest of the cast did well. Excellent FX.

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Denise M.
Denise M. Red Velvet
163 events
95 reviews
69 stars
attended Mary Poppins on Jul 12 2015

Can't beat this outdoor setting in the redwoods or the view of the bay. This play was, as expected, professionally performed, with great voices, especially Mary Poppins and Bert the chimney sweep. The two children were remarkably good too. The...continued

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Brian Dawson
157 events
91 reviews
16 stars
attended Mary Poppins on Jun 18 2015

Great production with minimal sets. Bert was especially good. It was wonderful to see so many kids in the audience and the enthusiasm they had for the show. It is so important that we expose our children to more than video games. Take the kids!

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Skip Pipo
197 events
89 reviews
34 stars
attended Mary Poppins on Jan 27 2010

It bit off more than it could chew trying to be visually amazing and lacked the strong message of the film. At first I chalked it up to the film having more time to tell the story but it clocks in about 20 minutes shorter than this show so I don't...continued

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Judi McInnes
223 events
75 reviews
51 stars
attended Mary Poppins on Jun 11 2015

La Mirada is my favorite theater for plays! Mary Poppins starts a little slow, but develops beautifully. A delightful performance!

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Susse Yuan
135 events
64 reviews
97 stars
attended Disney and Cameron Mackintosh Present Mary Poppins on Jul 29 2010

Our seats were good, but off to the side. The stage and effects were great. There were a ton of kids there, but they were all well-behaved because they were captivated by the show. We enjoyed singing our favorite songs. Well done!

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130 events
61 reviews
86 stars
attended Disney and Cameron Mackintosh Present Mary Poppins on Jul 14 2010

The sets were awesome! The music and acting was fabulous! We loved it and I didn't want it to end. We had good seats a little farther back than usual but good, orch row Y. The performers received a standing ovation and deserved it. The music...continued

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Karla Mor
109 events
60 reviews
134 stars
attended Mary Poppins on Jul 14 2011

I love Mary Poppins! I wanted to sing along and it was really hard not to! I didn't expect there to be so many kids there - wow. It would be nice if there was an adult only night. Lots of parents getting up to take the little ones to potty breaks...continued

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Marni DeWitt
149 events
57 reviews
568 stars
attended “Mary Poppins” The Movie on Jan 14 2007

So fun! First, a live Mary Poppins comes on the stage and introduces the feature. Then, throughout the entire movie, whenever a song starts, the words appear at the bottom and the audience sings along. Interactive and fun without being...continued

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Culver Roz
Culver Roz Red Velvet
147 events
54 reviews
163 stars
attended Mary Poppins on Aug 09 2012

Fun event for a girls night out with my mother and nieces. The lyrics sung by the children did not project. The other singers were impressive, the tap dancers were terrific, and the sets were amazing. Mary Poppins herself was a delight!

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Dianne Klein-Chavarria
108 events
52 reviews
110 stars
attended Mary Poppins on Jan 12 2010

everything was fantastic! the singing was great, the sets were wonderful, and special lighting really added to the show. i highly recomment this to anyone.

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