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63 Maxwell Reviews

Rita Ruffin
Rita Ruffin Red Velvet
149 events
75 reviews
156 stars
attended Maxwell on Nov 10 2018

The concert was wonderful. We had an exciting night...

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Shaunelle C
148 events
13 reviews
174 stars
attended Maxwell on Nov 10 2018

Maxwell never ever disappoints! He is AAAAAH-MAZING!!! I can hardly believe he's been doing this for 27 years! Seats were fabulous! Thanks, Goldstar!

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Paula Mitchell
289 events
122 reviews
280 stars
attended Maxwell on Oct 06 2017

Good vibes and great music, Maxwell was awesome!!

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55 events
32 reviews
137 stars
attended Maxwell on Nov 10 2018

I loved this show. Both artist were entertaining and phenomenal. It's always nice when the live version sounds just like the recorded version.

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