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Natalie Murphy

Charlie Daniels, Roy Acuff, Doug Kershaw … These names conjure images of a singer, front and center, making an audience scream as they sawed away on the most American of instruments: the fiddle. What’s missing from that list? Simple. A woman. Natalie Murphy is determined to add her name to that elite group. Beyond that, she is poised to redefine it. Within a year of her move to Nashville, Murphy appeared on the Grand Ole Opry close to a dozen times with some of the biggest names in Country Music. She joined the band of rising star Maggie Rose, and toured with her for almost two years before stepping away to write and record her first solo album. Since striking out on her own, Natalie has performed all over the world, including several tours in the Middle East for U.S. Soldiers, has a writing credit on country star Cam’s record “Untamed,” and has recorded fiddle and vocals on major label records.


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