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Winner of two 2012 Tony Awards for Best Score and Best Choreography, Newsies is a high-energy explosion of song and dance. Catchy melodies by eight-time Oscar-winner Alan Menken and inspiring lyrics by Jack Feldman support an engaging book by Tony Award-winning playwright Harvey Fierstein. The show is loosely based on the real-life New York City Newsboys Strike of 1899 and is an inspiring story of earnest young underdogs who work together to take on the most powerful men in New York. The show’s optimism and physicality have made it a hit with audiences nationwide.

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Bob S.
309 events
288 reviews
461 stars
attended One Night Only With the Cast of Newsies on Mar 02 2015

Gotta admit...I was expecting something more extravagant from the young dancing cast. I'd been raving to my friend about how the shows put on by a heavily-dance show tend to be bigger and different from a creativity angle. Loved the AGONY with the...continued

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Cybil Solyn
299 events
210 reviews
48 stars
attended Newsies on Apr 19 2015

What a great show. I never liked the movie, but the musical was all you could want from a Disney branded production. Cheesey dialogue, feel good ending, and lots and LOTS of exceptional dancing! I'd see this production again. I sat in literally...continued

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Steven Mark
354 events
129 reviews
15 stars
attended Newsies on Aug 30 2016

Great staging. Good cast. Nice physical venue. Audience sucked.

Loosely based, VERY loosely based, on the 1899 News Boys strike in New York City, this was a moderately enjoyable musical; with decent performances. Performance was actually three...continued

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113 events
109 reviews
12 stars
attended Newsies on Jun 09 2015

Disappointed after all the build-up. I think Disney missed the mark with this one. The plot was as thin and the songs as flat as a sheet of newspaper. Not a memorable song in the entire show. And Santa Fe? Really? Two and a half hours of the...continued

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Rhoda Pell
513 events
98 reviews
54 stars
attended Newsies on Apr 12 2015

Your ticket on smartphone gets scanned instead of paper!no need for willcall!

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amaryllis Red Velvet
102 events
71 reviews
61 stars
attended Newsies on Aug 31 2016

ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR!!!!!! I'm a huge fan of dance and this the most excited and thrilled I've been by musical production in a long time. It's beyond me how those lads can churn out such physically and technically demanding, high energy...continued

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William Roetzheim
109 events
52 reviews
27 stars
attended Newsies on Jul 07 2019

We've seen several youth theater productions of Newsies (it's our granddaughter's favorite) and this was definitely the best. The voices were great, and the dancing and choreography was absolutely amazing.

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joemastro Red Velvet
194 events
44 reviews
65 stars
attended Newsies on Sep 02 2016

Rear orchestra seats degraded our experience of a strong production.

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Richard Lennon
107 events
44 reviews
6 stars
attended Disney’s Newsies Jr. on Jan 20 2019

Great cast and performance. Good entertainment!

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70 events
43 reviews
3 stars
attended Newsies on Nov 18 2015

I'm sure many people will like Newsies, but I found most of the dancing frenetic and the only words of the songs I understood were when they were song solo or in a duet. There was simply so much going on at any one time that I'm sure those sitting...continued

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Cynthia A.
107 events
34 reviews
12 stars
attended Newsies on Apr 09 2015

Energetic, exuberant dancing by the male ensemble. Creative sets and staging. The younger crowd was enthralled. Stunning interior theater archetecture and design. Valet parked for $10 at Fabiolos Cucina on Sunset, had excellent pre theater dinner...continued

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John Fortier
John Fortier Red Velvet
128 events
28 reviews
96 stars
attended Newsies on Mar 10 2015

Newsies was great fun! The sets were so cool and really set a great tone for the show. It was a lot of fun reliving some great music memories from childhood and watching all the fantastic dancers leap across that stage. Definitely a great show...continued

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Lori Shapiro
61 events
26 reviews
14 stars
attended Newsies on May 22 2016

Had good seats in Orchestra Terrace - and there were three empty rows in front of us, do we moved down at intermission. Really enjoyed the great choreography, creative set changes, and outstanding voices. The worst part? Sitting around very...continued

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Debra S. Posner
47 events
24 reviews
39 stars
attended Newsies on Apr 17 2015

All four of us loved this show! So much heart, an interesting true page out of history, great energy, & FABULOUS dancing throughout! Started the evening out w delicious burgers & awesome choice of specialty beer & cider just down the block from...continued

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Sean Anthony
78 events
21 reviews
184 stars
attended Newsies on Apr 09 2015

The dancing was incredible. It was a fun show. I didn't especially like the changes they made to the story. I preferred the original.

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Revital Safranit
36 events
20 reviews
5 stars
attended Newsies on Apr 07 2015

Seats were very uncomfortable in that section but the sight lines were ok. I am glad I saw it. It was a high energy show with fantastic dancing with amazing choreography. The sets served the show very well and it was very entertaining.

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Tedi Godard
35 events
19 reviews
16 stars
attended Newsies on May 18 2016

Wonderful show, spectacular dancing, and the cast was superb.

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David Pederson
49 events
18 reviews
56 stars
attended Newsies on Sep 02 2016

High energy from some really talented guys. It was fun, lots of fun!

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Helen Pizzuti
Helen Pizzuti Red Velvet
53 events
16 reviews
33 stars
attended Newsies on Sep 01 2016

The show was fantastic. I would see it again in a heartbeat. Wish it was playing for a few more dates.

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52 events
12 reviews
15 stars
attended Newsies on May 18 2016

Great venue. Exciting show with spectacular dancing!

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