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41 Nick Thune Reviews

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8 stars
attended Greg Behrendt’s Bring the Rock on Jun 18 2010

Just not funny. Different format, but it just did not work.
We left after 20 minutes.
Not good.

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Don Guralnick
291 events
86 reviews
8 stars
attended Comedian Nick Thune on Mar 22 2013

Solid set. Tons of laughs. A fun show. Recommend

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38 events
21 reviews
6 stars
attended Comedian Nick Thune on Apr 28 2012

as always, venue is terrific for any type of concert. Nick was very good and backup was equally as funny.

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29 events
16 reviews
11 stars
attended Comedian Nick Thune on Oct 02 2014

I've seen Nick Thune before but he wasn't the headliner that time. I'm not sure if I'm just not into the way alt-comedy or if he was funnier before. He's definitely funny but it was random chuckles funny.
Hate to say negative things about...continued

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