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With hits like “Dead Man’s Party,” “Just Another Day” and “Weird Science,” Oingo Boingo was one of the most rollicking bands of the ‘80s. Now you can hear their songs played live by some of the Southern California band’s original members. The band once known as Oingo Boingo Dance Party features Sam “Sluggo” Phipps on saxophone, Carl Graves on keyboards and backing vocals, and Doug Legacy on keyboards. Joining them are some outstanding musicians, including Chris Paul Overall on lead vocals and Mike the Spike on rhythm guitar/vocals.


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24 Oingo Boingo Former Members Reviews

Albert Rowuin
744 events
594 reviews
855 stars
attended Oingo Boingo Former Members on Oct 22 2021

band sounded great and also had good energy, loved the show and am grateful for the goldstar discount which encouraged me to attend (and allowed me to bring a friend as well)

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Bruce Fisher
84 events
29 reviews
11 stars
attended An Oingo Boingo Halloween on Oct 27 2018

Even without original front man Danny Elfman the band was a knockout. The current lead singer was a standout both vocally and in performance.
Albeit some of the musicans were original band members and looked it, their hadn't playing hadn't aged...continued

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Anton Struckmeyer
58 events
20 reviews
42 stars
attended Oingo Boingo Dance Party on Oct 12 2018

They pulled it off . No Elfman , no problem . It felt and sounded totally legit . Great time with friends .

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Bill Kaser
151 events
19 reviews
65 stars
attended Johnny Vatos’ Boingo Dance Party on Nov 01 2013

Oingo Boingo lives through the Vato's band. Count me a new fan!!!!

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