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We here at OMG are dedicated to the preservation and discovery of the musical arts. Exploring genres, past & present has been at the core of the band Olio, our flagship operation. Established in 1997, this unit has undergone various transformations but none more powerful and impactful than the change in 2011. With a fresh start and a clear vision the band has been non-stop with recordings, tours, videos and building their brand. With the sudden passing of co-founder/drummer/vocalist DeHaven Carrington on April 22, 2019 we honor him and continue the Olio legacy. We welcome drummer/singer Barry Chenault to the Olio family! Barry’s credits include George Clinton & P-FUNK Allstars, Gap Band and Donna Summer along with many more. We are thrilled to join forces with Barry and usher in the next chapter of the Olio party! Where most artists are satisfied with being famous, Olio will not stop until they have made a significant imprint on the music community. It’s not just about making music. It’s about fostering relationships with people and connecting in a way that creates a bond between the members of the band and fans who follow them. When you look at the fans of the legacy acts, they are still going to shows, buying limited edition boxed sets, paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for VIP meet & greets and themed cruises. You begin to understand what Olio is embarking on. Positioning themselves as the premiere support act for national headliners, whether it be spot dates, residencies or tours. The industry model has changed and success is determined in different ways, other than just having a gold or platinum album.


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