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Performing together for close to 40 years now, magicians Penn & Teller produce irreverent, edgy and comedic shows that have earned them a pair of successful Broadway productions, countless TV appearances, their own Showtime and Discovery Channel series as well as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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85 stars
attended Penn & Teller on Jun 19 2008

P&T were their usual selves. I saw the show last year at this time, and I'd say about 1/3 was different. Funny, good value, lots of fun.

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Daniel P Faigin
186 events
106 reviews
120 stars
attended Penn & Teller on Apr 25 2015

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Last night we saw what is likely to be our last show for this trip: Penn & Teller (FB) at the Rio Hotel and Casino. This is a show we’ve been wanting to see for...continued

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Jim McCarthy
253 events
66 reviews
232 stars
Barbara Levinson
106 events
49 reviews
49 stars
attended Penn & Teller on Apr 23 2014

great show ! teenagers will love it.

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70 events
43 reviews
3 stars
attended Penn & Teller on Jul 03 2010

Penn & Teller are classic - great entertainers, great magic, nice audience participation - and you can personally meet them after the show. The seats were excellent - first row, mezzanine.

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Lisa Rothstein
82 events
43 reviews
43 stars
attended Penn & Teller on Dec 23 2011

A thinking person's magic act. A unique blend of magic, performance art and political (libertarian) discussion. If all you want is magic you may be disappointed, but my husband & I both enjoyed it. Both Penn and Teller wait in the lobby to greet...continued

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gary p
655 events
23 reviews
223 stars
attended Penn & Teller on Apr 05 2008

a fan since the 70's--they're better than ever.

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43 events
18 reviews
48 stars
attended Penn & Teller on May 16 2017

Show was outstanding. Seats were horrible. I've been a Goldstar customer for several years and have ALWAYS been happy with seat locations till now. Hope this is the exception. Have always recommended Goldstar to friends and relatives. Now I will...continued

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Neil Rosen
29 events
9 reviews
20 stars
attended Penn & Teller on Dec 29 2011

We took our daughter to the show for her 16th birthday. Although the tricks that they did do were good we found the show to be very slow and a bit boring. Penn talks during the whole show and just seems to slow things down. Maybe it was just us...continued

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77 events
8 reviews
5 stars
attended Penn & Teller on Aug 08 2012

It's smart, fun, and safe for kids.
I was impressed by these two guys. As soon as the show ends they head to the lobby for a meet and greet with the audience. Class act.

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Sophia Sullivan
32 events
3 reviews
14 stars
attended Penn & Teller on Dec 24 2007

The show was based more on their Bull$hit series on Showtime than their magic and traditional acts. We were hoping for more of a traditional show and found a lot of their material boring. The seats were up in the mezzanine and they did not display...continued

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ramona thomas
17 events
2 reviews
24 stars
attended Penn & Teller on Dec 25 2014

Fell asleep! In fact my entire group did. We range in age from 10-83. I'm in my mid 50's. Too much talking, not enough magic.

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Tom Croucher
Tom Croucher Red Velvet
31 events
1 review
13 stars
attended Penn & Teller on Sep 25 2012

Penn and Teller really are the top magicians. Their magic is a mix of Penn's crass over the top indulgence and Teller's subtle old school class. We really loved the show, although we had some non-English speakers in our group that had a hard time...continued

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Judy Eisenberg
160 events
127 reviews
26 stars
attended An Evening With Penn Jillette on Aug 11 2016

Although the evening was mostly interviewing Penn on his new book Presto, it was interesting to hear his ideas on that and other subjects.

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Brenda Brubaker
184 events
105 reviews
118 stars
attended Penn & Teller on Apr 14 2009

I've seen Penn & Teller several times live over the years when they tour. I think the first time was the late 1980s! However, this was the first time I have seen them live in Las Vegas. They have several new pieces in the show--you will enjoy...continued

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196 events
84 reviews
22 stars
attended Penn & Teller on Jan 16 2010

Enjoyed the show, but the seats were a bit farther than I would have liked. Penn & Teller give you the excitement of the magic without the normally nauseating over-the-top dramatic shtick (a la David Copperfield).

If you like humor with your...continued

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125 events
76 reviews
190 stars
attended Penn & Teller on Feb 20 2012

Great seats in the mezzanine, and tickets were easy to pickup. Just be sure to get there before 60 minutes so that there isn't a big line for will call. Penn and Teller, of course, is fantastic. What an awesome show. Definitely recommend,...continued

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Dusty Whitted
103 events
58 reviews
56 stars
attended Penn & Teller on Aug 27 2012

we were in the mezzanine area. great seats. we were next to the center aisle. you still got a chance to participate even with being in the mezzanine. the show was great. its not disappearing cars but great magic.

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Autumn Browne
98 events
54 reviews
5 stars
attended Penn & Teller on Feb 23 2013

LOVED IT! And the fact that I paid Goldstar half-price was even better! This is a don't miss Vegas show. Penn has great monologues -- political and comedic. The illusions are jaw dropping. After the show they both come out to the lobby and stay...continued

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Eileen Martin
148 events
53 reviews
33 stars
attended Penn & Teller on Apr 16 2008

We had a really great time. I always wanted to see them and after the show they came out to take pictures with people. Really unique for Vegas.

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