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Ramana Vieira

Music lovers have a special opportunity to savor the symphonic stirrings of Ramana Vieira. The audience will find themselves immersed in the romantic melodies and haunting rhythms of fado, the folk music of Portugal. Fado, means fate or destiny and is the most widely recognized genre of Portuguese music, dating back to early 19th century, Lisboa. Traditionally, fados are dramatic ballads whose purpose is to express love, loss, and redemption. Vieira captivates her audience with the evocative laments of the old world classics while infusing it with innovative instrumentation, creative layers, and soaring vocals. The ensemble also performs original compositions drawing from blues, pop, latin, and jazz genres — resulting in sensual, soul-stirring world music sure to satisfy a variety of tastes. She is a gifted songwriter-composer and has created a Fado Fusion sound that is a blend of the classic Fado with a more contemporary sound to expose and broaden new audiences in her quest to introduce Fado to today’s music listeners.


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