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3 Ramblin' Jack Elliott Reviews

Carla Ralston
3 events
1 review
0 stars
attended Ramblin’ Jack Elliott on Oct 16 2013

The show was...how to say it...undynamic mostly. WIth bright spots. Would prefer more of those bright moments in a two hour show. Given what it was, I wished for a shorter tighter show.

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Anna Hilscher
7 events
1 review
7 stars
attended Ramblin’ Jack Elliot on Apr 28 2019

Easy parking
Beautiful venue
"Generous" cocktails
Great show
Doesn't get much better...
Thx Goldstar!

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Ray Copeland
1 events
1 review
8 stars
attended Ramblin’ Jack Elliot on Apr 28 2019

I've seen Ramblin' Jack 30 plus times since 1968. Still got the mojo after all these years. A great story teller with a rye wit! 150 people showed up to pay homage to the man who learned from Woody Guthrie and influenced a young Bob Dylan!

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