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Efren Matos
Efren Matos Red Velvet
606 events
342 reviews
818 stars
attended Remembering the Ladies on Dec 11 2010

Great Show! I got to seat next to Mr. Richard Chamberlain and behind Miss Linda Grey. What a treat.

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Andrea Szeredy
264 events
194 reviews
148 stars
attended Remembering the Ladies on Dec 10 2010

If you were fortunate enough to attend the show, you wouldn't give it anything less than a 5. It is terrific in every sense of the word. The husband/wife team presented some great history of the "Legendary Ladies" through music, song, story, &...continued

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Sammy Green
245 events
178 reviews
24 stars
attended Remembering the Ladies on Dec 12 2010

How can somebody see this fantastic show and not to give 5 or even much more STARS to it. This show is a history of the famous Ladies, we grow up with them and is done by a Fantastic,lovely, and talented Toni Morrell. A must see.

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