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4 San Francisco International Arts Festival Reviews

203 events
40 reviews
76 stars
attended The Interrogation Room on May 25 2018

Completely not what we anticipated.... it’s like a high school project...a social experiment ...goldstars should not have charge such an exorbitant fee.... since it was not a show or performance but more like an experiment..... in fact we...continued

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Dmitry C.
55 events
21 reviews
42 stars
attended Cirquantique on May 31 2018

Wonderfully risqué and athletic burlesque circus performance! Far better and different than expected!

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Naomi Assaraf
61 events
4 reviews
64 stars
attended Sounding Mouna on May 27 2018

Sometimes at the arts festival, it’s a hit or a miss. But even so, it’s always different! This show fell into the category of different.

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Goldstar Member
12 events
1 review
11 stars
attended Pablo Estigarribia - Concert Hall Tango on May 26 2018

Great music and musician smooth purchase and set up

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