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41 Scott Capurro Reviews

Bob S.
309 events
288 reviews
461 stars
attended Scott Capurro and Friends on Mar 20 2018

Went because I had a friend in the lineup but was pleasantly surprised by the others. I'm a good laugher and even I was surprised by my guffawing throughout the show. I liked the "get to know" session after each comic.

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harry dixon
109 events
39 reviews
28 stars
attended Comedian Scott Capurro on Jun 20 2009

Best one man show I have seen.

The warm up comic was also excellent.

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Benjamin Eye
88 events
10 reviews
7 stars
attended Comedian Scott Capurro on Jun 18 2009

Says all the things you want to say, but wouldn't dare. Incredibly funny, but definitely makes the audience squirm. If you like watching people made to feel awkward, this is your man! Had a great time!

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Ray Q.
447 events
416 reviews
196 stars
attended Comedian Scott Capurro on Jul 01 2010

I think Scott always gives a great show and this one was excellent, even with a lukewarm crowd. Come on, people: he's billed as "Controversial Comedian," so what do you expect? Once you get over the initial shock of some of his lines, you will be...continued

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