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Albert Rowuin
697 events
561 reviews
801 stars
attended Human Nature on Oct 13 2012

Had excellent seats to this very enjoyable show. It had a good pace and featured each of the talented cast members. If you like Motown, you'll enjoy this show.

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114 events
109 reviews
12 stars
attended Human Nature on Sep 05 2010

Excellent show! These guys give 100%. They are extremely talented and have just signed on for two more years at the Imperial Palace. This is one of the best shows on the strip and the Goldstar price made it even better! A must see!

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Tracey A.
Tracey A. Red Velvet
277 events
105 reviews
336 stars
attended Human Nature on Aug 08 2011

Based on Goldstar reviews, I bought tickets for this event. I went in with high expectations and thought there is no way this show can live up to the reviews. It didn't -- it blew the 5 star reviews out of the water! The choreography is kind of...continued

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Tommy McCarthy
79 events
43 reviews
113 stars
attended Human Nature on Sep 27 2011

The guys were VERY entertaining! I recommend checking it out if you are in Vegas!

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neon370395 Red Velvet
159 events
34 reviews
37 stars
attended Human Nature on May 16 2011

Great event, great singers..highly recommended especially if you are a fan of the . motown music..

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Paige Simmons
43 events
30 reviews
16 stars
attended Smokey Robinson on Aug 16 2014

He's still got it...great show!

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Dori M.
59 events
29 reviews
7 stars
attended Human Nature on May 15 2010

What an incredible show!! I couldn't sit still in my seat the entire time. These boys can sing and dance! We paid extra for VIP seating but the theater is small enough that any seat anywhere in the house would be good. Next time we're in Vegas,...continued

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106 events
28 reviews
6 stars
attended Human Nature on Jul 02 2009

Absolutely fantastic show! I will make a point to return to this show the next time I am in Vegas. The group and their band are great entertainers. I have been to many, many vegas shows from cirque to headliners, and this group tops then all. ...continued

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Ellen DiGiampaolo
95 events
26 reviews
56 stars
attended Human Nature on Sep 12 2012

Excellent vocals and very interactive with the audience. A great return to the Motown era, music for all ages!

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Cicciabella Red Velvet
69 events
23 reviews
9 stars
attended Human Nature on Oct 19 2009

Very glad we did the VIP seating. This show is getting to be so popular, even on a Monday night, that it was packed. We prefer to be up close so enjoyed our seats which were in the 2nd tier, close to the center. These guys are going place. ...continued

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Winifred Reed
36 events
20 reviews
15 stars
attended The Music of Sam Cooke & Smokey Robinson on Dec 08 2019

Loved the bar and the atmosphere was fun. What a beautiful environment will all sorts of people from all over the world. Thank goodness there was another live event after this one. Big Jim was cool but the other singer sounded good but he hardly...continued

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Lin Blank Bell
Lin Blank Bell Red Velvet
68 events
19 reviews
64 stars
attended Human Nature on Aug 17 2014

Human Nature were fabulous. My seats? Well, that's the disappointing part of the evening. Plus, I'm even Red Velvet status.

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Debby Schlesinger
35 events
16 reviews
7 stars
attended Smokey Robinson on Oct 15 2016

This was among one of the BEST concerts I've attended. Smokey was engaging, his voice is still crystal clear, he still can hit the high notes with ease, and his band is made up of outstanding musicians. He performed the first 2 or 3 songs off a...continued

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Helen Pizzuti
Helen Pizzuti Red Velvet
54 events
16 reviews
33 stars
attended Human Nature on Jun 26 2010

This event was fantastic. We saw it last September and enjoyed it just as much or more this time, and will definitely see it again.

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Helen Pizzuti
Helen Pizzuti Red Velvet
54 events
16 reviews
33 stars
attended Human Nature on May 18 2011

Love this show more everytime we see it.

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Linda Lou
27 events
16 reviews
22 stars
attended July 4 Fireworks Spectacular With Smokey Robinson on Jul 03 2015

His voice is still great and the orchestra was excellent, as always. And we loved the fireworks.

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100 events
15 reviews
11 stars
attended Human Nature on Sep 09 2010

All the reviews I read before going were so right. An incredibly talented quartet full of energy. You couldn't help but dance along with them.

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29 events
14 reviews
3 stars
attended Human Nature on Dec 29 2009

Fantastic show and great seats. Goldstar has done a super job again!!

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Tanya Friedlinghaus
Tanya Friedlinghaus Red Velvet
107 events
13 reviews
1673 stars