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226 events
78 reviews
8 stars
attended Spring Awakening on Jul 21 2019

A delicious surprise!!!!! I have seen this show on Broadway with the original cast and two more times in national Broadway tours, and as much as I love Onstage, I didn't think they could pull this off, and they didn't.......THEY KILLED IT!!!! ...continued

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Reginal Bulus
135 events
58 reviews
8 stars
attended Spring Awakening on Mar 10 2019

A good play and great performance. The cashier was a little slow, long line, but the play was pretty good.

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51 events
34 reviews
139 stars
attended Spring Awakening on Mar 23 2019

Well staged and great performances, particularly vocals.
Dark but appropriate story in an old grade school I suppose, not sure how much progress we've made in 128 years from when the play was written in Germany in 1891.
Might be a good required...continued

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Anon Red Velvet
475 events
11 reviews
10 stars
attended Spring Awakening on Feb 01 2020

This is a wonderful, compelling production by one of Washington's leading small theaters, recently renovated to state-of-the-art standards. I just note that although Goldstar listed tickets in one category as Section A (Orchestra AND Balcony), the...continued

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Julie Pearlman Snyder
Julie Pearlman Snyder Red Velvet
39 events
9 reviews
58 stars
attended Spring Awakening on Jun 23 2018

great show with a great cast and orchestra. loved it!

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Geralyn M.
263 events
189 reviews
17 stars
attended Spring Awakening on Jun 10 2018

Very ambitious production. Heavy material. Well done. I love this theater. Great venue

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195 events
84 reviews
22 stars
attended Spring Awakening on Jun 15 2018

Another great show at the CUPCAKE! Talented cast! great singing!

General Admission tickets are first come, first serve... so get there early
(but sitting in the back isn't bad either).

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Benett Berkowitz
216 events
66 reviews
24 stars
attended Spring Awakening on May 13 2018

What a wonderful production! Singing, acting and staging was magnificent! My wife and I cried and I was smiling at the joy of witnessing great theatre!!! Do not miss this beautiful show!!!

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Beverly With
94 events
61 reviews
8 stars
attended Spring Awakening on Feb 02 2020

I've seen several productions of Spring Awakening in the DC area, and this one was disappointing. I thought the singing was uneven, the actors were over miked, and the choreography oddly disjointing. The revolving rings on the stage didn't work...continued

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The Sharpes
55 events
48 reviews
6 stars
attended Spring Awakening on Aug 18 2017

The actors performed well. The supporting music volume was too high to hear them sing well. Great location, friendly staff, and plenty of free parking. I recommend this theater.

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Eric Wrye
52 events
32 reviews
29 stars
attended Spring Awakening on May 27 2018

The show was excellent. Cupcake Theater never disappoints in terms of talent and production. More intimate than your standard "big broadway" production, but just as good and well worth the price. If I had any small complaints they would be 1) The...continued

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Jeffrey DeVore
34 events
26 reviews
6 stars
attended Spring Awakening on Aug 26 2017

The musical soundtrack frequently overpowered the singers, making the lyrics difficult, even impossible to hear. Marla and staff are welcoming, professional, personable. I'll attend the venue again for other productions. I found the tone of the...continued

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Linda Folsom
60 events
25 reviews
5 stars
attended Spring Awakening on Jun 16 2018

Another gem of a small theater in the No Ho Arts District. The play was excellent despite some less than stellar performances. Overall very well done and well worth seeing.

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Paul E Ozar
Paul E Ozar
71 events
20 reviews
9 stars
attended Spring Awakening on May 26 2018

I have seen it 3 or 4 times incl the orig in NY with Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff and this (for a small theatre) was wonderful. The voices were great (especially Melchior) and the set very adequate. Highly recommended. PS I screwed up as we...continued

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101 events
20 reviews
21 stars
attended Spring Awakening on May 12 2018

I always look forward to the Cupcake’s inventive interpretation for musicals, and this is no different for Spring Awakening. (Spoilers ahead).

Many times, musicals are just spoken and sung, but not shown. And it’s hard to follow what is going on...continued

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195 events
18 reviews
18 stars
attended Spring Awakening on May 05 2018

The instrumental music accompaniment was too loud, too over-powering; it was difficult to understand the words by the singers. I'd seen better productions.

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Michael S.
Michael S.
148 events
17 reviews
29 stars
attended Spring Awakening on May 20 2018

The Cupcake Theater, always finds the most talented performers. Every play I see there is worthy of Broadway.

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Carol Cotter
34 events
17 reviews
13 stars
attended Spring Awakening on May 05 2018

The Cupcake Theater is a small space where everyone can feel part of the play. The performances were wonderful, although the play is very serious and probably not for everyone. It is a musical, but not a musical comedy.

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Randall Ross
50 events
16 reviews
7 stars
attended Spring Awakening on May 06 2018

Great production top notch! I was impressed with this production all the players did a great job and the set design and choreography was interesting and effective. I have been watching the new show, Rise, on NBC and in it there is a production of...continued

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42 events
14 reviews
12 stars
attended Spring Awakening on Jun 17 2018

Performers were all excellent in their portrayal. I cried couple of times because the delivery were really very impactful, particularly the suicidal boy - just his expressions and the way he threw his songs were very heartfelt. I also enjoyed the...continued

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