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The high-energy STOMP creates wildly rhythmic sounds with unconventional instruments: everything from brooms and garbage cans to matchboxes and hubcaps. A true worldwide phenomenon, STOMP has won both the Obie and Drama Desk Awards. Since its first performance in 1991, this thrilling group has toured to more than 350 cities and earned praise as one of this generation’s most mesmerizing theatrical events.

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Albert Rowuin
700 events
561 reviews
801 stars
attended Stomp on May 21 2006

My second time seeing the musical, but first time seeing it at the glorious Pantages. Had a great time again, and would recommend this event to others who enjoy over-the-top musical feats and energetic beats.

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G,H. Red Velvet
1161 events
502 reviews
127 stars
attended STOMP on Jan 24 2016

Absolutely great! Creative, inventive, unique!

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Jerry Davis
390 events
217 reviews
24 stars
attended STOMP on Sep 04 2012

Boring and repeticious

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Cybil Solyn
301 events
211 reviews
50 stars
attended STOMP on Dec 22 2013

It was everything the 90's kid in me wanted it to be, and as an adult it was pretty awesome too. Pounding on stuff is good! A real mix of art, music, and sound. Kids were dancing in their seats while I tapped my foot to the beat. The best part?...continued

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Ben W.
148 events
129 reviews
7 stars
attended Stomp on May 12 2006

This group of five men are advertised as fully a capella but I didn't believe it for the first two songs. There was obviously one fellow making the base sounds but the other non-singer could not possibly be making all of those percussion sounds...continued

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Holly Wolfe
176 events
114 reviews
51 stars
attended STOMP on Oct 09 2012

What a show!! This group was tight and in time throughout! Their use of everyday implements to make actual music was amazing!! Each musician/dancer had their unique personality and it all came together in a fantastic demonstration of art and...continued

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Linda Gray Peterson
140 events
65 reviews
75 stars
attended STOMP on Oct 11 2012

This was thrilling for both adults and children alike. Constant motion and added bits of fun. I would go back and back again!

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Lady Diane Chua
125 events
58 reviews
50 stars
attended STOMP on Apr 13 2010

The talent was tremendous, the energy amazing. The seating in the entire venue (The Grove of Anaheim) however was unsatisfactory. Rows are not leveled, so if someone taller was sitting infront of you, tough luck. Expect to crane your neck all...continued

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133 events
56 reviews
5 stars
attended STOMP on Jan 27 2010

I enjoy seeing this troupe although I thought this year's show was less exuberent than some of the others. Perhaps because I was sitting in the mezzanine. I don't know. There is one cast member who plays the role of a bumbling character. It's...continued

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148 events
52 reviews
13 stars
attended STOMP on Sep 06 2012

STOMP was a really great sensation over 10 years ago and the show still has appeal, but it has lost some of its luster in comparison to other performing arts available today. It is still a worth while show as long as you have a significant...continued

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Janvie Cason
Janvie Cason Red Velvet
52 events
36 reviews
25 stars
attended STOMP on Jan 27 2010

Wonderfully entertaining. Two straight hours of high energy and movement.

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Julieann W.
72 events
31 reviews
12 stars
attended Stomp on May 21 2006

Lots of energy!! Not just the cast but the audience was very appreciative. We had good seats and performance was unbelievable. Lots of physical comedy and audience participation.

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Alan Lee
Alan Lee Red Velvet
111 events
29 reviews
247 stars
attended Stomp on Jan 08 2009

A lot of fun. The theater was packed. The performers really get the audience into the show. The acoustic, which was essential to this show, was very good as well. Creative and inspiring performance.

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40 events
25 reviews
153 stars
attended STOMP on May 24 2016

I've been wanting to see this show for years and it did not disappoint. A very entertaining evening.

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49 events
24 reviews
8 stars
attended STOMP on Feb 05 2014

High energy, super creative percussion STOMP show at National Theater....Great seats! The diversity of using everyday object to create percussion was simple amazing! Extremely enjoyable.

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Deb Nikkel
51 events
23 reviews
16 stars
attended STOMP on Dec 29 2013

Simply fantastic!! I brought 9 friends with me and we all had a ball!!! Thank you...

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Daniel Hong
Daniel Hong Red Velvet
54 events
19 reviews
67 stars
attended STOMP on Jan 29 2010

amazing performance

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Sandy W.
Sandy W. Red Velvet
96 events
17 reviews
21 stars
attended Stomp on May 23 2009

My brother and his fiance attended and had a great time!

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328 events
16 reviews
1179 stars
attended STOMP on Feb 06 2014

This was far more artistic and subtle and quiet [!] than I was expecting -- all in the good sense. Sort of a cross between the Harlem Globetrotters and Peter Schickele.

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Ilonna Borisova
Ilonna Borisova Red Velvet
30 events
15 reviews
10 stars
attended STOMP on Jan 28 2011

I liked performance very much, it was truly one of the unique ones I've ever seen.
My husband and daughter enjoyed it with all their heart.
Parking was easy to find: there are meters on the street and two huge parkings on both sides of the...continued

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