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Albert Rowuin
697 events
561 reviews
801 stars
attended The Fab Four — 50th Anniversary of The Beatles’ Abbey Road on Aug 03 2019

not a good seat, but a great performance by the band, again, and I was grateful for the Goldstar discount and was glad I went

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Robert A.
475 events
394 reviews
23 stars
attended In My Life: A Musical Theatre Tribute to the Beatles on Oct 20 2014

Wow! Wow! Wow! What an entertaining evening of great iconic music. The group was really pretty good and excellent muscians and their musical ability was great. I really liked the telling of the Beatles story as through the eyes of Brian. And I...continued

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Bob S.
309 events
288 reviews
461 stars
attended Katya Smirnoff-Skyy: Back in the USSR: A Voyage Into the Beatles’ Songbook on Apr 27 2014

Despite the idiots sitting in front of us who wouldn't shut up even after being shushed, this was another thoroughly enjoyable, brilliant show from Katya! Always clever, always smart and always thinking on her toes! And who knew she had such...continued

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Annette Mann
291 events
261 reviews
71 stars
attended 4 Lads From Liverpool on Dec 10 2011

Wonderful performance of Beatles music in chronological order. There's lots of opportunity to sing along and even dance a little. My only complaint is that the volume was too high, at times painfully so.

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H. Gold
H. Gold Red Velvet
693 events
218 reviews
939 stars
attended Strawberry Fields: A Beatles Tribute on Sep 27 2016

What a GREAT SHOW!!!! We had SOOOOO MUCH FUN and suggest this OUTSTANDING BEATLES TRIBUTE to every Beatles fan in this world!! The group is really, really good, instruments, amplifiers etc. authentic, the audience simply loved it and wanted more!!!!

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Jerry Davis
390 events
217 reviews
24 stars
attended Cabaret & Jazz at the Metropolitan Room on May 13 2013

Simply great will go to see/hear others at this great venue . Joanne Tatham was a top draw singer with a terrific show. Made in Mahattan was captivating

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Cybil Solyn
301 events
211 reviews
50 stars
attended The Brat Pack — An ’80s Soundtrack Experience on Jul 20 2019

If you enjoyed 80's films in the Hughes era then you'll enjoy this madcap fun. In a hard to find speakeasy (go in the hotel up to floor 2) in Korea Town the For The Record team has put on a show with lots of fun and sass. Ambience is epic and the...continued

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903 events
167 reviews
386 stars
attended The Best Is Yet To Come – The Songs of Cy Coleman CD Release Concert on Sep 23 2009

A very good value. Lots of good entertainment. Thanks again GoldStar!

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Robert M Angilly
Robert M Angilly Red Velvet
271 events
152 reviews
11 stars
attended Long Live The Beatles on Dec 03 2016

This was much better than I expected. Not a great lover of tribute bands. The Mahoney Brothers managed to capture the feel and the harmonies and much of the original arrangements. They had a lot of energy and did a very good job. One of my...continued

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Al Keep
266 events
147 reviews
28 stars
attended Vanessa Williams in Concert on Jan 16 2015

Vanessa Williams is a very accomplished and excellent singer. It was a fabulous concert.

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Janice Red Velvet
413 events
142 reviews
48 stars
attended Cabaret & Jazz at the Metropolitan Room on Aug 25 2014

Fab evening of great singers. Loved the venue

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129 events
92 reviews
11 stars
attended Cabaret & Jazz at the Metropolitan Room on Dec 22 2013

Room itself is fine. Good sight lines from every seat. but if I knew that Joel Vig's show was going to be a dress rehearsal, I would have saved my money. It was like an inside joke; not enjoyable for outsiders.

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129 events
92 reviews
11 stars
attended 22nd New York Cabaret Convention on Oct 22 2011

For anyone who enjoys broadway, look for this event next year, for something a little different. Stunning venue with incredible acoustics. Too bad no one dared to put the mike away and let it just happen.

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amaryllis Red Velvet
104 events
71 reviews
62 stars
attended The Brat Pack — An ’80s Soundtrack Experience on May 23 2019

I went because so many people highly recommended it; plus FTR's track record, in my experience, made it a good bet. Still, I was afraid it was going to be too juvenile for me -- but what amazing energy coming from those performers! Positively...continued

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Denise Shue
106 events
65 reviews
196 stars
attended The Brat Pack — An ’80s Soundtrack Experience on May 03 2019

Very fun show! Especially if you are a fan of John Hughes movies! I loved my drink, The Bueller Bueller! The performers are very talented! Great singing, dancing, band, and more!

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121 events
56 reviews
4 stars
Rachael Andrews
229 events
53 reviews
20 stars
attended The Brat Pack — An ’80s Soundtrack Experience on Apr 04 2019

I had a great time at this show! It's been years since I've seen a FTR production so I was really excited to see them back in town. I really loved the way they weaved the storyline together. The tickets were listed as General Admission so we...continued

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148 events
52 reviews
13 stars
attended Strawberry Fields: A Beatles Tribute on Dec 28 2012

Beatles fans will love it for nostalgia. Fun for the whole family. You cannot resist singing along with the band. Just know there is a $10 food/drink minimum per person.

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Chris Murphy
81 events
51 reviews
7 stars
attended Eric Clapton Tribute Bell Bottom Blues on Jan 27 2017

Very good show. Did all the songs very well. Didn't try to imitate.

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Eddie Red Velvet
101 events
48 reviews
43 stars
attended Across the Universe on Jun 06 2009

We had a wonderful time. There were only three songs from the movie "Across the Universe", however, all the other songs were sung wonderfully. They used a multi-media display with displays tailored for every song. Wonderfully done, very...continued

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