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31 The Sklar Brothers Reviews

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attended The Sklar Brothers on Jan 18 2013

Very funny guys, ultimately... though they started off slow. Too many B- and C-list celebrities in the joke mix early on, none of whom I follow.

Then it got better, much better, and the rest of the show was great.

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attended The Sklar Brothers on Apr 27 2012

These guys are very funny. They know how to keep the audience engaged and laughing. On rare occasion their shtick is a little too canned (especially the back and forth banter) but it didn't detract too much.

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Theatre Fan
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attended The Sklar Brothers on Apr 27 2012

The 8PM audience was sleepy and the brothers did not let it get them down. Good show! These guys do not disappoint. Real pros.

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Don Guralnick
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attended The Sklar Brothers on May 10 2014

Non stop comic excellence. Laughed all the time they were on stage. Highly recommend. One of the best acts in the business.

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